The Leg – An Eagle to Saturn Video

I am really, really pleased with this video.  It was shot in the same place as The Leg held their album launch, but where we can usually find plenty of people to help out, in this particular case there was no-one but the old school volunteers of myself and Dylan Matthews. It was like the first Toad Sessions all over again.

We decided to film the song with The Leg made up in the three different kinds of panda makeup they’ve used over the years, and to make the video even cooler (cooler than three grown men in multi-coloured panda makeup I hear you ask – surely there could be no such thing) the band actually brought along three one-metre-wingspan origami eagles.  Yep, that’s right, giant fucking origami eagles.  The Leg are fucking cool.

You can buy the album on vinyl, CD or download here. And because we are super-nice (or super-desperate, you choose) you can download a free single from the album from the Soundcloud player below, or by clicking here. Yes, I know.  You’re welcome.