Friday is a Film Soundtrack

See that video above?  That’s a film trailer, that is, for a Jeremy Deller short on the life and work of Bruce Lacey. Jeremy Deller is a Turner Prize winner, and Bruce Lacey is having an entire special event thingy dedicated to him at the British Film Institute.

What does this have to do with us, you might wonder.  And as you are most definitely wondering, I think I shall tell you.  That wee twinkly bit at the start of the YouTube trailer above was performed by Rob St. John and Tom Western in our house, and recorded and mixed by my good self.  We did an awful lot of music for the documentary Deller has made, and apparently it will be heavily used in the film.

It was all worked on so quickly that I have to confess it took me a while to realise that HOLY FUCK MY DODGY RECORDING IS GOING IN A PROPER FILM, A PROPER FUCKING FILM, WITH PROPER ARTISTS AND EVERYTHING!

Had I really twigged before it was submitted that this was happening, I think the most almighty case of mix paralysis in history would have set in, with a thousand needless tweaks and twiddles being made until I had fifty subtly different versions of everything and absolutely no idea which one I liked best.  Fortunately Rob made an executive decision, sent it through, and here we are.

The Bruce Lacey Experience is one of the extras on this DVD, so if you fancy finding out about one of Britain’s most eccentric artists, and then go for it. I am pretty much going to have to get one, given our tunes are on there!

1. Favourite overall movie soundtrack.
2. Favourite use of a pop song in a film.
3. Favourite movie theme.
4. Most eccentric person you can think of off the top of your head (real or fictional).
5. If someone were to direct a documentary about you, who would you want to do it?

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