Take it Easy. Please. That’s What We’re Doing

Seriously, we are.  After the Queen’s Hall show on Saturday I didn’t realise quite how drained I would be, so promptly went on a two-day bender to calm down.  For people who do this shit all the time, I am sure you get used to it, but when it’s your band, your label, your dignity, your cash or your reputation on the line should things happen to go badly, then no matter how much advance ticket sales calm you then there is still a fair bit of accumulated tension to release when the whole thing is finally over.

Or, to put it in language everyone understands, you never forget your first time.

We’ve had three pretty ambitious album launches on our label this year actually, and every single one has knocked it for a very clean six*. Be it this album, this album or this one, all three times we’ve encouraged the bands get on with doing something special, rather than just rocking up to play a normal gig, and in all three cases it’s gone spectacularly well.

These gigs are great, but they are more nerve-wracking than most and they tend to engender more financial risk than most as well, so come out of them all not so much unscathed as generally smelling of roses is a serious achievement for all three bands, and one for which I am absolutely delighted for them.

So, after all this we are going to take a slight breather with the label (although Yusuf Azak’s album will be coming out in the Autumn, as well as a new Rob St. John single, but er… ah well, you know what I mean – a slight breather) and getting on with some spanking new Toad Sessions, live videos from the Queen’s Hall gig for all the Meursault fans who couldn’t make it… and another split 12″ too, now that I think about.  Maybe I just have a very strange definition of ‘taking a breather’.

But for the meantime, me and Mrs. Toad are on holiday.  Generally I would promise that Ian would step in and sort you out with some music chatter in the meantime, but he is locked in the cupboard under the stairs at Toad Hall (‘You’re a wizard Harry!‘) frantically addressing Meursault pre-orders, so he may not have all that much time. We’ll see, though.

In the meantime, a wee holiday.  Which is good. See you in a bit. At Away Game, if you’re going.

*Honestly, enough with the baseball terminology, we are not Americans and well you know it.

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