Friday is Back on Fresh Air

I used to go on a lot more about my love for Tom Waits on this site.  In fact, I used to listen to Tom Waits a lot more than I have recently, if I’m being honest.  I’ve been so busy over the last couple of months that I’ve hardly had the time to sit down in the evening and put a record on, so I suppose I used to pretty much everything a lot more.

Anyhow, self-pitying rubbish aside, I will be back on Fresh Air Radio tonight 6-8pm, hopefully accompanied by Miss El Parks once more, although she will have to dash off to work a little early, leaving you with just me mumbling into the microphone and playing music you hate.  Sounds enticing, doesn’t it…

On air 6-8pm UK time – listen live here

However, in the meantime, seeing as this is Friday and seeing as we are presumably all a bunch of workshy skivers, why not fill in the answers to the five silly questions below and spend the rest of the afternoon talking shite on the internet with me before radio time.

I haven’t done radio in a while actually, and you know I am rather looking forward to it.

1. What band do you love the most and listen to the least.
2. What haven’t you done for ages that you rather miss.
3. Which defunct band do you miss the most?
4. Where will you be supping your first pints of Friday afternoon?
5. Song request for this or next week’s show, depending on timing/availability.

Tracklisting for the radio show will appear live below:

Gerry Loves Records
1. The Japanese War Effort – Our Land Could Be Your Life
2. Adam Stafford – Vanishing Tanks

Kingfisher Bluez
3. White Poppy – Mirage Man
4. Korean Gut – If You Want

Fence Records
5. The Pictish Trail – I Don’t Know Where to Begin
6. The Shivers – Irrational Love
7. eagleowl – Into the Fold

8. North American War – Geraniums on a Spit

Song, by Toad
9. Zed Penguin – Heathens
10. Dolfinz – Kitsch Craft

Fatcat Records
11. PAWS – Bloodline
12. Odonis Odonis – Hollandaze
13. Psychedelic Horseshit – Laced

14. The Hundredth Anniversary – Caroline

15. Daily Life – Alabaster
Life Dunk International
16. Water World – I Might Not No
Comfortable on a Tightrope
17. Apostille – The Journal
18. Toucans – Ice Cold
19  Golden Grrrls – Beige Beauty

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