Friday is Denying the Festival

 I get in trouble from some of my friends for my dislike of the Edinburgh Festival of Trite Imported Garbage (and Comedy) but over the course of the last week I have decided.  It’s fucking shit, the city fills up with unspeakable cunts and you are best advised to stay safely in Leith to ignore the bastard thing.

Trying to get to and from the Record Fair at Summerhall last weekend I honestly needed a fucking snowplough on the front of the fucking van just to get the fuckers out of the way.  It’s a RED FUCKING MAN you retards, what the fuck does that tell you?  Get the fuck out of the fucking way or I will mow you fucking down.

Mind you, there are positives, I suppose.  I am back on Fresh Air on Fridays, for example.  And you can tune in! And it will be amazing! Continuing from last week’s label special I will be going through another pile of independent labels I happen to really like, because of course I barely covered half of them last week.

On air 6-8pm UK time – listen live here

And in the meantime, or during the meanwhilst as Monty Python might say, we have our traditional five stupid questions for you to answer as a means of frittering away what little useful time remains of the working week.

1. What was the last thing which made you really, really laugh.
2. Who is the least funny comedian you can think of?
3. If there was one (living) comedian you might consider seeing, who would it be?
4. Do you like the theatre much?
5. In percentage terms, how shit is it that there will be NO RETREAT FESTIVAL THIS YEAR (curse you, Bart).

The playlist for the radio show will appear live below from 6pm:

Chemikal Underground
1. The Delgados – The Actress
2. Arab Strap – There is No Ending
3. Mother and the Addicts – So Tough

Fat Possum Records
4. R.L. Burnside – Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down
5. The Walkmen – Line By Line
6. Sonny & the Sunsets – Heart of Sadness

Empty Cellar Records
7. Sonny & the Sandwitches – Throw My Ashes From This Pier When I Die
8. The Sandwitches – Summer of Love
9. Pillars and Tongues – Thank You Oaky

Song, by Toad
10. The Leg – Witch at the Speaker
11. Meursault – Lament For a Teenage Millionaire
12. Jesus H. Foxx – Permanent Defeat

Art is Hard
13. The Black Tambourines – Bad Days
14. Gorgeous Bully – Never Cry
15. Gum – Cherryade

Full Time Hobby
16. Micah P. Hinson – Seven Horses Seen
17. The Leisure Society – Last of the Melting Snow
18. Timber Timbre – Woman

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