Kingfisher Bluez – Vancouver DIY Singles Club

Now this looks really rather interesting.  Not cheap, perhaps, but interesting.  Actually, let me rephrase that because it’s not entirely fair. A subscription of 80 Canadian dollars seems like a lot, but I can promise you that for a manufacturing run of 12 lots of 250 7″ singles, that’s a pretty reasonable price actually.

And if you look at the stuff Kingfisher Bluez will be releasing on this run of (one-sided) singles, then it becomes an even more interesting proposition. I was sucked in by the above video, but if there were any doubts about their excellent taste, they will be releasing a 7″ of Adam Stafford’s pop classic Shot Down You Summer Wannabes later in the year as well.

Apart from the awesome Dirty Beaches I don’t know any of the other names on their list, but a quick search for the names throws up some fine stuff.  It’s mostly pretty dirty DIY pop, largely of the guitar variety, so it appealing to me is probably no surprise to any of you.  Some of the bands are, I confess, a little too shouty-punky to really be in my ballpark, but in general there is some pretty top stuff here.

I’ve linked to all of the bands below, but personally I like the sound of White Poppy, Korean Gut, Weed and Dirty Beaches the best, should you be looking for somewhere to start.

Apollo Ghosts
White Poppy
Dirty Beaches
Dead Ghosts
Student Teacher
Capitol 6
Korean Gut
Rose Melberg
Love Cuts

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