Friday is Gearing Up For BAD FUN!

Yes, that’s right, tomorrow is the first ever edition of Song, by Toad’s BAD FUN!  We have the awesome Onions travelling up from Manchester, as well as Edinburgh’s equally but very differently awesome Birdhead.  And then then awesome Retro Catz DJing until 1am.  And I really, really need to buy some more adjectives, don’t I.

For subsequent BAD FUNs, in October we’ve got Woodpecker Wooliams, Viking Moses and a secret local superground who I am temporarily naming the Ghost Toads (every hipster band name has ghost in it, right). And then in November, for my birthday gig, we have the most excellent LeThug, from Glasgow, and Easter travelling up from Manchester, as well as an excellent local surprise headliner who I will hopefully be able to confirm later in the week.

And then it’s the Christmas Party.  Yes, I’m thinking about that already.

But in the meantime I am looking out at the rain and desperately hoping large chunks of our living room ceiling don’t come crashing down.  Because that would be shit.

So, here is a video by the excellent Onions, and below are five silly questions to help you while away the hours between now and pub o’clock. Here at Toad Hall we will be getting ready to record Magic Eye for the next Song, by Toad Split 12″.  Plastic Animals and LeThug have already absolutely nailed it, so let’s see how Part 3 goes.

1. What is the longest you’ve put off obviously necessary house repairs?
2. How often do you get the house entirely to yourself?
3. Make a band recommendation for everyone.
4. Which incarnation of modern technology do you just not get?
5. And which do you embrace wholeheartedly?

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