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Friday Might Go to a Gig This Weekend

I think I might go to a gig this weekend because, for some rather odd reason, it feels like ages.  I had that flurry in August of Eagulls, Mark Lanegan and Grandaddy and there’s been bugger all since then.

It’s a good thing, then, that there appear to be plenty of options in the next few days.  I am not going to do that tedious thing where I link to everybastard’s Soundcloud page and all the venues and shit like that today though.  If you care enough, I am sure you can track these things down.  There is a whole internet out there, after all.

Friday 21st Sept.:
– James Yorkston at the Queen’s Hall.

Saturday 22nd Sept.:
– Hiva Oa (video above) album launch at the InSpace Gallery, with Adam Stafford. Criminally, I still haven’t heard enough of the Hiva Oa album to write a proper review, but their preceding EP was awesome, and the few listens I have managed so far have been really promising.
Zed Penguin, Now Wakes the Sea and others at the City Cafe. Two of the most underrated (as in barely rated by anyone at all except me, it seems) bands in Scotland at the moment.

Sunday 23rd Sept.:
Wet Nuns and Lords of Bastard at the Electric Circus.  Two of the best band names in the history of bands.  Plus, it will be loud as fuck.

So yes, there’s all those things, leaving me with something of a dilemma on Saturday evening, as I want to see all those bands and I think I may have to choose one or the other, sadly.  Also, tonight we record the next part of the second Song, by Toad Split 12″.  LeThug are coming round, and then next Friday we do the Magic Eye songs, with Zed Penguin the week after that. I love it when a plan comes toge… okay, no, I won’t do that.

Anyhow, before the recording fun happens, I have a few hours to waste and I intend to spend them buggering about on the internet.  You should join me!

1. Who haven’t you seen live yet, but would really like to.
2. Which four bands should I put on the next Split 12″, if you were chosing?
3. And which four would go on one where realism is no obstacle?
4. Favourite thing about Autumn.
5. Least favourite thing about Autumn.

45 witty ripostes to Friday Might Go to a Gig This Weekend

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    1. Edan
    2. No idea. I’m trying to think of someone good I’ve seen of late…
    3. Harmonic 313, Edan, Matthew Sweet and Genesis.
    4. Crisp mornings.
    5. Cold feet.

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    1. I’ve seen most folk live by now, but umm… in terms of classic heroes, I’ve never seen Bruce Springsteen. And in terms of current bands, I’d rather like to see The Sandwitches.
    2. The next one is being curated by Rob St. John.
    3. Eels, Clem Snide, Grandaddy and Kurt Vile would probably be my choices as the moment. Micah P. Hinson perhaps?
    4. Cold sunny days, and my birthday. Although the latter is becoming less and less something to celebrate.
    5. Late Autumn is just unremitting grey drizzle and I can really fucking do without that.

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    1. Cold Seeds (sober).
    2. Crystal Curtains, Wolf Livers, Fuck Pudding and %
    3. The Savings & Loan featuring Paul Carrack and Eagleowl featuring Van Morrison.
    4. Mild, breezy, sunny days like today.
    5. Everyone starts talking about the bloody soccer again.

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    Snap on number four!

    HIGH FIVE!!!


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    I still can’t think of anyone for the !2″.

    Dylan, that sadly happens in August now.

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    1. The Clash. Obviously.

    2. No idea: none of them are my cup of tea really …

    3. Bates – ‘Fuck The World’ / Dream City Film Club – ‘Fuck It Up’ / Kills – ‘Fuck The People’ / Leaving Trains – ‘So Fucked Up’

    (I should add I have to stay in the office until 4 o’ clock today because every other fucker is on holiday and/or a business trip and I’m not in the best of moods … as you may probably be able to tell from my choices for the 12″)

    4. Being in the position to put the thick feather bed on … you won’t believe the amount of joy this gives to me in my age!

    5. Walking home all the way from the pub in these cold freezing nights … which is quite a distance … also I hardly manage to walk straight on. This though happens in the summer as well. Admittedly.

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    1. Guided by Voices
    2. I’d like you to do an Underwater Peoples one; Liam the Younger, Andrew Cedermark, Big Troubles and Julian Lynch
    3. A dream-pop extravaganza of The Radio Dept., Youth Lagoon, Cocteau Twins and eh….I’d let you pick one 😉
    4. I like going to work when it’s still dark.
    5. Folk always moaning about it being cold. You live in fucking Scotland. What do you expect?! You fucking stupid pricks.

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    i are scientist

    1. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there aren’t that many bands I’ve not managed to catch during my many years on this planet. Portishead maybe?

    2. eagleowl / John Knox Sex Club / Randolphs’ Leap / Rob St John.

    3. Tom Waits / Nick Cave / Bo Ningen / Muse.
    I like the idea of them all being in your front room glowering at each other. And Muse: “Nice spread Matthew, but where’s the spaceship going to go?”

    4. Kicking through fallen leaves

    5. Hidden dog poo in the fallen leaves

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    i are scientist

    Think I may have committed an apostophe crime there. I’ll make sure to stab myself with my fork at lunch as a punishment..

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    Genesis would be amaaaazing! And Muse would be horrible.

    Although the JKSC/RL/RSJ/Owl one sounds awesome. Maybe we should make this happen!

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    Dylan’s answer for No.2 would doubtless go straight to the top of the charts. Nice work.

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    1. Who haven’t you seen live yet, but would really like to.
    Knife, Prince, Stones.

    2. Which four bands should I put on the next Split 12″, if you were chosing?
    Chosing? I would chose Lizzie and the Yes Men, who I saw in London not that long ago. Also Snide Rhythms and Rory Sutherland solo.

    3. And which four would go on one where realism is no obstacle?
    The Knife, Prince, Rolling Stones, Rory Sutherland.

    4. Favourite thing about Autumn.
    It’s easily the best season. Leaves.

    5. Least favourite thing about Autumn.
    It only really lasts a month.

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    I wouldn’t let Paul Carrack hold my other guitar.

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    1. I really should have tried to see the Undertones

    2. Wet nuns & Lords of Bastard for a start plus 2 other noisy bands would do just nice. (Wet Nuns fucking rock!)

    3. PJ Harvey/The Kills/X-RaySpex/The Slits – beacuse sometimes women know how to Rock

    4.Those cool sunny days when its difficult to know how many layers to put on before you leave the house

    5.Those cool sunny days when its difficult to know how many layers to put on before you leave the house

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    The Kills fucking don’t.

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    That could be the guy’s fault. I seem to remember The Dead Weather rocking pretty hard when I saw them.

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    Maybe. But I saw the Kills in London just before I moved up here, and they were decent enough live, but their albums around that time were pretty bland.

    For ladies who rock, see North American War.

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    Maybe the Corrs would have rocked if it wasn’t for the guy.

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    Yep, I’m sure they would have been amazing.

    With their brittle skeletons, grey, malnourished skin, and dead, sunken eyes.

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    It does seem like he was the only thing holding them back from being Goth heroes.

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    Only if you muted their videos and played something decent over the top. Then it might work.


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    1. I live in hope of seeing Kate Bush live, that she will re-activate live performance, a mere 33 years since her one and only tour.

    2. The Last Battle, eagleowl, Broken Records and The Savings and Loan

    3. The Cure, David Bowie, Elvis Costello and Julian Cope

    4. Crisp mornings and being able to wear jumpers

    5. That point when you are already running late, and the car is all frosted up, but you only discover that when you are standing by it.

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    Think I prefer The Kills live to on record, too. Although once I saw them at the Liquid Rooms and I was so tired even they couldn’t stir me.

    Weird to see Paul Carrack mentioned on here, twice. I’ve just interviewed him…

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    I think your ideal Split 12″ might be a tad ambitious, although that was of course the point of the question, but I rather like the plausible one.

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    Well, quite…especially as Bowie seems to have retired.

    Thinking of people you have supported through SbT and live gigs, will the live listings return next week? Hoping you might mention a gig I’m involved in promoting next Wednesday…

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    Yep, the Last Battle/KC one by any chance? Yep, that’ll be on there. Sounds amazing.

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    Zed Penguin, The Tide Inside, Mad Nurse and Now wakes the sea is a cracking line up at the City Cafe.

    i will be there!!

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    1. The Rolling Stones. About 40 years ago.

    2. Eagleowl, New Fabian Society, The Bad Books & The Cherry Wave

    3. Napalm Death, Scott Walker, The Krankies & Anal Cunt

    4. The bright, crisp days.

    5. The days when it pishes down from dawn to dusk.

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    first, let me just say, Hiva One have an album out?? i still come back to one of their beautiful tracks from time to time, so thanks for the info!

    1. Who haven’t you seen live yet, but would really like to.

    i haven’t seen most of my fav artists live, so i might as well answer with a list. but no, ok, i’d like to see The National(although i’ve streamed some live performances that weren’t so good)

    2. Which four bands should I put on the next Split 12″, if you were chosing?

    if i was get well soon, the dandelion war, underwaters & ormonde (already made a mix with all of them in)

    3. And which four would go on one where realism is no obstacle?

    joy division, radiohead, archive & stereo nova. i’d definitely go for that.

    4. Favourite thing about Autumn.
    are you kidding? everything about autumn is great.

    5. Least favourite thing about Autumn.
    absolutely nothing.

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    Hiva do indeed have an album out, and two EPS -hadn’t heard them before this – thank God for Bandcamp -am downloading their album as we speak. One of the best things I have heard this year!

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    SHG – Yeah, I think I’d probably agree to let Radiohead record in here. Probably 😉

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    1. Because i missed them one week ago, i’d say Calexico (that rhymes pretty well)
    2. Hum… have to think about it
    3. Momus, The Clears, John Davis (the one from Folk Implosion), Tall Dwarfs
    4. Hot chocolate ?
    5. It’s almost night when i go from work

    About the video posted, i like it a lot

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    I don’t know if this helps, but Calexico are awesome live.


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    1. My First Tooth.
    2. I’m afraid I’m a little out of touch with Edinburgh.
    3. The Beatles, Mumford and Sons, Tetes Raides and Kaizers Orchestra.
    4. Finally not sweating constantly. It’s so nice. Also, cold clear mornings, frost, pumpkins, getting to wear the new coat the misses got me for my birthday in July, no more working festivals and running around in the rain covering speakers and mics, pork sausages with apples for dinner, Octoberfest season at the micro brewers, walking the dogs as the leaves fall and tucking under a blanket because it’s cold at night but you still don’t have to close the windows.
    5. Nothing. Autumn is brilliant!

    Also Calexico are actually only quite good in concert. But they do travel with an amazing mariche band and in the middle of the gig will take a break and let them play solo. Now THAT is awesome!

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    Weird to see Paul Carrack mentioned on here, twice. I’ve just interviewed him…

    Intriguiing Ed.

    Tell me, is he as much of an unspeakable cunt as his dreadful contribution to the history of popular music would suggest?

    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

    Exhibit C:

    Yes, he’s behind all those, and many more besides.

    There must be a clause under the Geneva convention where he can be taken out and filleted for crimes against humanity.

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    Er, well I always liked Squeeze, and ‘Over My Shoulder’ is better than ‘The Living Years.’ He was really nice on the ‘phone, and it was interesting to hear him talk about the folk he’d worked with.
    I was hoping for anecdotes about him playing on The Smiths’ first album (which he didn’t have) but we talked about him playing with Roxy Music, and working with Elvis Costello…

    Even if you don’t like his music, he’s hardly Chris Brown or Celine Dion, surely!

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    I love Squeeze, apart from when Carrack was in them.

    Roxy’s only good Carrack-era song was Dance Away, it took him to leave for them to come up with Avalon.

    Not sure about the Smiths thing – apart from that Morrissey was never happy with the album.

    We won’t get into arguing over which Mike & The Mechanics song is the most appalling example of mawkish Tory-rock..

    Martin Savings & Loan will back me up here. He keeps a list of his top worst songs ever.. He was shocked when I pointed out about 40% of them featured Paul Carrack.

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    I comfort myself by listening to the bonus disc of the new Calexico album (live performance with orchestra).

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    (hum… my profile settings are different at work and at home, now it’s fixed)

    Do Calexico always travel with a mariachi band ?

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    I can only assume there have been times when Calexico left the mariachi band at home.

    Which is a mistake.

    Not that they aren’t, but all things are better with a mariachi band….

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    Buck Naked

    If I recall it correctly I’ve seen Calexico without mariachi band in 2000 and it still was an awesome gig.
    Guess the line up of this night is also close to my split “where realism is no obstacle”: Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, Calexico and Lambchop. Most definitely I would kick Flaming Lips for Tortoise.

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    That would be an awesome record!

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    1. Almost every, now dead, punk band! Ramones, The Clash, Sex Pistols…
    2. I have no idea, I’m not very impressed by nowdays music situation.
    3. Beatles, The Clash, Queen, Bob Dylan
    4. Crunching leaf uder my shoe 😀
    5. Winter is soon, I hate low temperatures and feeling cold

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