Lil Daggers – Pair of Lives

Song, by Toad Records bands have been rather prolific with their video making recently, and just as I thought things were quietening down, up pop Lil Daggers with their contribution. This is from their debut album, which we released last December, and which I think is one of our most under-rated records.

There’s a good reason for this of course, as they are from Florida, and it’s a bit tricky to promote a band from outside the UK, when your reach is still relatively limited.  But we have a split 7″ coming up with Lil Daggers and The Underground Youth at the end of November so that should help nudge them a little further into the public consciousness.

For a band who introduced themselves to the label with the snarling, psychey EP King Corpse back in May 2011, this is a much more brooding, Twin Peaksy sort of tune.  Hardly a classic radio single, but the kind of song which I think helps you understand the character of a record better than ‘the obvious hits’.

And just because I am feeling generous, here’s another track from that debut Lil Daggers album I was talking about.  Just, y’know, because it’s awesome: