New Free Single by The Leg

I do believe that I posted this video a while back, after we first finished it, but giant origami eagles and deranged loons in multi-coloured panda makeup are always worth seeing again.

The reason I bring this up again is that the song itself, An Eagle to Saturn, is being made available as a free single.  You’re probably already heard it on the precisely no radio stations whatsoever which have played it since I sent them a lovingly hand-written promo package a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks guys.

Nevertheless, and in all seriousness, traditional PR seems to be slowly but surely becoming less and less relevant compared to the response from people who subscribe to our mailing list (hint, hint), follow us on Twitter or read this blog regularly – in other words active, genuine fans, rather than people we are trying to wheedle into paying attention.

You can’t just abandon one for the other of course, but I just thought I’d let you know your continued attention, however scant, is much appreciated.  So download the single for free from the Soundcloud widget below, and if you like it, why not buy the album on vinyl or CD from Song, by Toad Records.