New Song, by Toad Split 12″ Recording

I know when things go quiet on Song, by Toad it always looks like I am doing absolutely bugger all, but I promise you this is not the case.

On Sunday, for example, whilst tumbleweed whistled around the dusty streets of the above scene was taking place in our living room: the recording of the second Song, by Toad Split 12″.

The first one features the awesome PAWS, Dolfinz, Waiters and Sex Hands, and can be purchased here. The second, the one we’ve just started work on, will include the wonderful rackets of Plastic Animals whose tracks we recorded on the weekend and LeThug who come by on Friday, as well as Magic Eye and Zed Penguin.

Even a cursory listen to the Soundcloud pages linked above will show you that this will be a very different beast to the first.  Where v1 was reckless garage pop, this will be more thrummy and hypnotic.  After a couple of changes to the lineup I am now really excited about how the four bands will complement one another, and I think it’s going to work really, really well.

As much as anything, I think these releases link the blog and the label together better than anything else we do, as they are essentially polished Toad Sessions, tipping bands you might not know, but who we rate very highly indeed.  The second issue should be out early next year on splendid 12″ vinyl. And never mind you lot, I really can’t wait to get hold of one myself, honestly.

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