Song, by Toad


Song, by Toad’s First Ever BAD FUN! Starring ONIONS

This series of gigs, which we are bringing to you in association with This is Fake DIY, kicks off next Saturday the 29th September at Henderson’s at St. John’s, which is in the vaults under that massive church at the foot of Lothian Road. (That’s Edinburgh, too.  You do all know I am from Edinburgh by now I assume!)

We will have three awesome bands from 8-11pm, followed by Retro Catz DJs until 1am in one of the finest spots in the city. It’s better than having to clear off at 10pm prompt, in order to make way for a club night, I am sure you’ll agree.

Anyhow, making their Edinburgh debut at BAD FUN No.1 will be the awesome Onions from Manchester.  You can hear their harmony-laden guitar pop here, and check out their video below.  It would be nice to see you there. Only a fiver! And er, tickets here, incidentally.

3 witty ripostes to Song, by Toad’s First Ever BAD FUN! Starring ONIONS

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    Sounds good

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    I must be getting soft in my old age I really like that song (and video)Jesus Matthew your going to get me listening to all sorts of pop nonsnese if this carries on!
    It also seems that your gigs are getting nearer our flat, Hurrah, although i’m not sure about this staying up until 1am nonsense

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    Even at your age I am sure you can give it a go, Wilf 😉

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