Arran Arctic – Covers

I’ve been an almost-fan of Arran Arctic for ages now, always liked elements of his music, but never quite getting into the whole business.  This has annoyed me, because his promo emails are always really nicely phrased – modest without being apologetic, to the point, no bullshit – and I genuinely admire someone who is (I believe) based up in the isles of Scotland, and hence as far away from the Central Belt insularity of Scottish music as it is possible to be.

This is a new single which originally just came to fruition without a real plan for release or an album to belong to or anything, so Arran made a “no budget” video and put it out on Soundcloud as a free download (see embed below). It is now pegged as being part of a new album, due out this Winter apparently, which is good news.

It’s a gorgeous song, too, with a lovely twinkle to the instrumentation and stutter to the drums offsetting the lilting lament of the vocals and the strings.  And the really nicely judged female vocal which comes in right at the end really is just the icing on the cake.  I’m more than a little slow writing about this, but it really is a lovely, lovely song.