Friday Has a New Yusuf Azak Single For You

Our final album release of the year (although there is still a split 7″ to come as well) is going to be the second album from the truly awesome Yusuf Azak.  It’s a more minimal sound than his previous record, but a lot of the trademark swoonsomeness (yes, that’s a real word) is still very much there, just augmented by more minimal instrumentation this time around.

You can pre-order one here, if you choose, and the single is embedded to play and download at the bottom of the page.

Anyhow, we have also just finalised a new split 7″ by Lil Daggers and Manchester band The Underground Youth.  That’ll be out at the end of November too, and the promo stuff will be here early next week for me to start spamming the fuck out of as much of the known universe as I have address details for.

Then there’s also the third album by Trips and Falls, a new EP by the excellent King Post Kitsch, and the second split 12″, which I haven’t stopped banging on about for weeks.  Beaver beaver beaver, as erm, one might say.

Anyhow, in two hours I’ll be in the pub with a massive gin-based beverage of some sort, so until then, let’s talk some internet pish about the things Nick Griffin* has been saying on Twitter recently.

1. After UKIP, BNP and the fucking Tories, which cackling right-wing party of deranged bigots should form next?
2. Given Nick Griffin has given up on pretending not to be homophobic, but still insists on pretending not to be racist, what is the next thing he is most likely to give up pretending not to be?
3. Which single-issue lynch mob would you prefer to allow the fun of tearing Nick Griffin limb from limb?
4. Deep down, what do you think scares Nick Griffin the most?
5. How would you most like to see him dress on his next TV appearance.

*For non-Brits, Nick Griffin is the leader of the British National Party, which is basically a slightly spruced-up version of the Nazi Party.  This week he has been on Twitter inciting a lynching by giving out the address of a gay couple involved in a controversial court case, saying that most criminals are black, and that Peter Tatchell, a gay rights activist, needs to have a rock tied round his neck and be thrown into a river.  Were he less irrelevant he would be disgusting.  As it is, he’s just a pathetic little weasel whose own mother probably cauterised her vagina shut after his birth when she saw what a diseased little homunculus it had farted into the world.