Friday Has Done its Chores

PINS – LUVU4LYF from PINS on Vimeo.

Bloody hell this Friday Fives is going to be late. I’ve not been skiving though, I promise.  I’ve been to the gym (for my back, not for my abs). I’ve tried to persuade the bank that I am indeed myself and can they please turn my fucking card back on, including the surreal experience of going into a branch and talking on a public telephone to a phone banking centre somewhere else.  And then I out to the Parcel Force depot to collect what I have promised Mrs. Toad is the LAST of the Great Lamp Influx.  And then took delivery of a jumbo consignment of cat litter, and now finally here I fucking am.

So what’s up, people?

Sorry, that just sounded like a ream of tenuous excuses you simply don’t want to hear, didn’t it?  Ah well, it was either that or ‘the dog ate it’.  Anyhow, apart from fanny about on the internet all afternoon I have one more thing to accomplish this afternoon, and that is a meeting about the artwork for the new Trips and Falls record.  You may remember Trips and Falls from, say, the two utterly inspired songs below, but if you don’t they’ll have their third album out in the Spring and you can wait for the penny to drop then if you like:

Anyhow, after that I will be heading to Henry’s Cellar Bar for PINS (whose video I posted above), Honeyblood (new tune embedded below) and a couple of others.  I haven’t been to Henry’s in a while and I am really looking forward to it.  It’s a scruffy wee cave in many ways, but I do like the place for some reason.  Maybe it’s because it really is what scuzzy rock venues should be like!

Anyway, before professional meetings and the like get the better of me – ah-ha-haaa, who am I kidding, ‘professional’! – but in any case, before I start having to have meetings and shite like that, how about we waste some time futzing about in the comments before succumbing to the inevitable advances of our mysterious amber mistress later in the evening.

1. Things you make the most excuses for.
2. Most ambient music you still really like.
3. Name an awful musical fad from your youth.
4. Name an awful musical fad from now.
5. What’s for dinner?

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