Friday is All About BAD FUN

BAD FUN 2 is upon us tonight, and I sincerely hope to see you all there.  Well, by all I mean about 120 of you or so, because that’s the capacity of the venue, but y’know, all 120 of you at least. In any case, the lineup is awesome (if you didn’t read the bit where I explained the Ghost Toads, have a gander here) and the beer is excellent, so hopefully see you later.

A couple of you might know that I now go to the gym regularly, in an attempt to stop my back seizing up on me every couple of bloody months, and so far it kind of seems to be working.  Anyhow, I was there this morning, and I overheard a woman telling her trainer about how she was heading out to this event but none of her dresses would fit her because she’d lost so much weight, and that she had to go and borrow one from her mum and everyone thought she looked amazing.

It was really quite heartwarming, I have to tell you.

Anyhow, before I head off to drag enormously heavy PA systems up and down the stairs, let’s faff about on the internet for a bit, while amazing music is being created in the living room downstairs.

1. Has something nice cheered you up a bit about the world recently?
2. What has made you feel good about yourself recently?
3. Who is the next person you intend to make feel happy about stuff?
4. Which famous person seems in terrible need of a good cheering up?
5. Give us a happy thought. Why the fuck not.