Friday is Gonna Be Shmoooothe Tonight

 One problem with being involved in music is that so much work stuff takes place in the evenings.  Add that to that fact that I have recently decided to try and combat the fact that I am turning into a fat fucker and am now playing a lot of 5-a-side football in the evenings and the result is that Mrs. Toad ain’t seeing all that much of me at the moment.

Lucky her, I hear you all snigger at once (fuckers), but you don’t keep a marriage healthy by ignoring one another all the time.  Although maybe you do, depends on the people involved I suppose. Chris Moyles’ wife must be grateful for every last premiere and shopping centre opening the fat fucker gets sent to, but I digress.  The point is that Mrs. Toad and I rather like each other, and it’s about time we had a nice meal and some wine and celebrated this fact.

And as Swiss Toni might say, ‘Making love to a beautiful woman is a lot like mak…’ er, no, I’ve got that wrong somehow haven’t I.  And for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, watch some of these.

Anyhow, before that I shall be packaging up our web sales from the last week or so and listening to some of the things in my inbox.  It will be an uneven experience, I predict, and as such I will be relying on your funnies on the Friday Fives to keep my mind in one piece before home time.  I don’t mean to put you under undue pressure, but seriously, if I crack up this afternoon it will be all your fucking fault.

1. Who is your romantic hero?
2. What distracts you from real work the most?
3. If you had a lackey to do just one domestic or professional task for you, what would it be?
4. If you could be somewhere else right this minute, where would it be?
5. Who haven’t you seen for ages that you’d quite fancy sharing a pint with this afternoon?