The Spook School + Cloudberry Records = Nice Work!

Indiepop is not necessarily a genre I personally associate with Edinburgh all that much, despite the presence of the excellent Kid Canaveral and Morris Major in town, and despite the reputation that Scotland as a whole has for the stuff.  But umm… well, what can you say, sometimes I develop these odd blind spots, I guess.

The Spook School are one of the city’s finest exponents of the genre however, and whilst I have taken my eye off them slightly in recent months, they’ve only gone and snagged a single release with a label I personally think of as one of the all-time indie greats.

They may not have the reputation of Postcard or Cherry Red or anything like that, but Cloudberry Records (follow that link to pre-order the 7″) have been quietly going about the business of releasing interesting, catchy guitar tunes for bloody ages now.

When I first started writing Song, by Toad I particularly remember one of the real pioneers of music blogging having a major crush on Cloudberry, and that in turn pushed me to explore loads of their releases. They specialise very definitely in indiepop (what an oddly specific genre that is becoming) but they do it very well, and they have done it with some endurance.  I’m not particularly sure how old the label is, but they are definitely a good ‘un and I congratulate both them and Spook School on this single release – nice work, both parties!

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