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Toadcast #246 – The Arithmecast

So, after a couple of slightly misnumbered podcasts – 245 coming after 243, and then 244 having to come after that to try and correct the mistake, hoping two wrongs might, if not make a right exactly, at least gloss over the original wrong somewhat – we are back on track with #246.  In the right order and everything.

There’s no real theme to this week’s podcast, although we have a fair bit of new stuff in there – some by The Walkmen, The Douglas Firs, The Spook School, Monster Island and a couple of others.

Next week I was thinking of doing The Ivorycast, with loads of piano music, and then perhaps one about freak folk next, assuming I manage to successfully tie down what the fuck that is.  Dirty, psychedelic folk music, as far as I can tell, is about the easiest way to approximate it.  Ah well, a bit of digging should do the trick easily enough. In the meantime, however, this:

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01. Yusuf Azak – Smile Tactics (00.22)
02. Glass Animals – Cocoa Hooves (07.16)
03. Stoney and Meatloaf – Jessica White (14.44)
04. Elbow – On a Day Like This (17.35)
05. The Walkmen – Vermeer 65 (26.00)
06. Silkies – Red (32.07)
07. The Douglas Firs – Backroads (37.01)
08. The Spook School – Here We Go (39.44)
09. Professor Lafferty – A New Definition of Love (Part 1) (46.47)
10. Monster Island – Ferris Wheel (52.46)
11. Zucchini Drive – Gospel Oak (58.47)

2 witty ripostes to Toadcast #246 – The Arithmecast

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    ok, i think i should have counted how many times you said soonish or any word ending with -ish for that matter in this podcast. i was laughing every single time!i liked the glass animals and the douglas firs tracks. that freak folk podcast you mentioned sounds a really interesting idea. you’re going to put some Tiger Lillies and Pale Young Gentlemen and the likes in it?or maybe they’re not freak folk?anyway, i am already wondering what that cast will sound like.

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    I don’t know Tiger Lillies, but Pale Young Gentlemen are a great shout. I haven’t thought of their stuff for years now – great band.

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