Tohu Va Vohu by Jamie Mills & Glacis

Tohu Va Vohu / Trailer from Jamie Mills on Vimeo.

I take the piss out of PR Fails all the time on my Tumblr site, but the email introducing me to this takes some beating: “doubt you’ll like it but have a listen anyways”.  In the eyes of a normal PR person that looks like the worst possible way to phrase an email, but in Song, by Toad terms it really isn’t.  Link to music, awareness of audience, no horseshit – boom, that’s all I ask.

And actually, I do like it, although that needs some context I suppose.  This music was written to accompany Jamie Mills’ film Tohu Va Vohu, a trailer for which you can see at the top of the page. He describes it thus: Tohu Va Vohu is an animation that explores how the world is made up of chaotic, cyclical patterns and structures and how these are affected through time and human influence.”

Before even listening to the music I watched the video, and the combination of the animation with the piano music with minimal noise underlay is absolutely gorgeous. I am a sucker for lovely animation and drawing at the best of times, but the piano just lends it a beautiful poignancy.

I’ve seen Glacis – i.e. Mini50 Records founder Euan McMeeken on solo piano – before, albeit quite a while ago, and it was slower than this. So slow perhaps that the momentum of the song dragged it to a halt. This, on the other hand, perhaps because Euan himself wanted something a little less ponderous, and perhaps egged on by the contents of the animation itself, has no such problems.

As to how much I would like this without the context of the video is hard to say – sitting in your office trying very hard to evaluate something isn’t really ideal for this kind of music, frankly. But for now safe to say it sounds bloody lovely.

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