Best Friends – Hawaii 666

 Generally speaking, for a cynical curmudgeon such as myself, seasonal releases are an awesome excuse to delete an awful lot of fucking emails without having to so much as bother opening them.

This is at its worst around Christmas – although Americans seem to be afraid of the word Christmas, so it gets called ‘the holidays’ as if it were the only one, a bit like pro-lifers being against gun control. Still, just as with incessant emails about Glastonbury, CMJ and endless other festivals I am not attending, it’s always nice to be able to napalm the inbox with a clear conscience, and novelty seasonal songs give me an excuse to do just that.

That’s the reason this didn’t go up yesterday, when it would perhaps have been a little more timely, but good music is good music so I figured you probably wouldn’t be all that worried by a touch of tardiness.  It’s pretty much the main currency we deal in around here anyways.

Best Friends (who either work with or are actually signed to Art is Hard Records, I’m not entirely sure) just released this rather awesome krauty zombie extravaganza as part of the brilliantly ludicrous Pizza Box series, where only one physical copy of a release is ever made. It’s a Halloween release, and a fine tune, and here it is:

We were actually going to be involved in a split 7″ release with Art is Hard and Best Friends, and while sadly nothing ever came of either our involvement or the 7″, the release did see the light of day in some form.

Best Friends are a cracking band however, with some of the snappiest pop tunes around.  This makes the Halloween track above something of a departure for them I guess, but if you listen to it, particularly the wailed death throes at the end, then it just sounds like they cut loose and had a ball doing it.

More normally they play some of the catchiest old-fashioned, rough and ready guitar pop tunes going, such as the one below from the aforementioned split.  They were awesome at Beacons Festival too, and I reckon this lot have serious potential.

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