Dolfinz – Yeah Right

 And from Ian Humberstone to another band we have worked with and think are fucking awesome, but who are not officially signed to the label: Dolfinz. Their scuzzy racket is a world away from Ian’s beautifully glacial folk-pop, but for all my taste in music is pretty narrow at times, it is easily broad enough to embrace both of these sounds.

You’ve heard me go on about the excellent Art is Hard Records at some length already this year, and this new song is from their eccentric but brilliantly-conceived bi-weekly pizza club series – a series where only one physical copy is ever made, it is sold in a customised pizza box, and then the song made available for free download.

When we worked with Dolfinz on the first Song, by Toad Split 12″ recently there were but a two-piece.  Now they have added a third member to play the bass guitar and fill out the sound.  The first recorded manifestation of a new, chubbier Dolfinz sound makes an appearance on the latest installment of the Pizza Club.

I have no idea who eventually won out in the scrimmage for the sole physical copy, but I think we can fairly cheerfully make do with the free download. It’s a beefier sound for sure, although the vocals seem a little less forceful than usual.  As you would expect from Dolfinz of course it’s a cracking pop tune, flung into the world with all the gleeful exuberance of a ten-year-old thrusting a custard pie into your face.

The band are currently working on an EP, as well. I seem to remember something about Bubblegum blue vinyl being mentioned.  There goes the planet.

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