Friday Does Like to be Beside the Seaside

 For a city which is ostensibly on the coast, Edinburgh ain’t particularly seasidey.  I suppose if you’re picking nits then it’s a city built around a castle, really, and not on the sea at all.  Leith, Portobello and Musselburgh are on the sea, but Edinburgh isn’t really.  Just tantalisingly close.

Well Brighton is on the bloody sea, right down to the seagulls and candyfloss, and I have a few more hours here with the folks before hopping on a plane to return to my one true love in Edinburgh.  Not doubt Mrs. Toad will be so pleased to see me that she might even bother to look up from her iPad for a moment when I get in.

Still, as can happen when you’re visiting parents, we are going on a little day trip to Aldi today, which should be exciting.  And I am being not one tiny bit flippant either – we really are doing that.  Alright, the exciting part was a little flippant, but I was dead serious about Aldi.

The rest of my afternoon will probably be spent sitting at Gatwick fucking airport (oh how I hate airports) waiting to fly home, so please do feel free to jump in and entertain me.  It’s either that or browsing the selection at the fucking Tie Rack or WH Smith’s.

1. Crappest shop you find in airports.
2. Naffest thing your parents make you do when you visit them.
3, Favourite seaside spot.
4. Worst things about the seaside.
5. Crappest seafront you’ve ever seen.