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Friday is Attempting the Nudge the Wheels of Commerce into Motion

Yep, we are off to the Independent Label Market in London this weekend, hoping to get the nation’s movers, shakers and insufferable hipsters to part with their hard earned cash in exchange for Song, by Toad trinkets, and in doing so nudge a step or two closer to that yacht in the Bahamas with which the release and sale of records has thus far signally failed to provide me.

It can surely only be a matter of time, however, as we begin to firm up our plans for next year. Things are taking shape nicely, and we have some very fine releases in the pipeline.  Being a record label is a bit like being a greedy child though; your eyes really do get a little bigger than your stomach.  If we were to release everything I want to release, then we’d need staff, heads of department, visitors’ parking and an absolute shitload more cash than we have, so we’ll have to pass on all sorts of things I would love to do. Nevertheless, the things we definitely are doing are fucking belting. You are going to enjoy yourselves.

Anyhow, for those not trotting down to London to spend far too much money on records, the fantastic Sssh! Festival is taking place in Glasgow this weekend.  Toad Records bands Yusuf Azak and Meursault are playing, as well as other Toad favourites like Woodpecker Wooliams, RM Hubbert and Rick Redbeard (whose new album is fucking awesome, incidentally). The details are all here, and I strongly recommend you go along.

Anyhow, as I drive South with Toad beer and Toad cupcakes (oh, and some records too) why not join Mrs. Toad in talking utter pish on the internet for a bit. She’ll thank you for the entertainment I think, as the other option will be to listen to me talk all the way to London, and frankly no-one wants to have to put up with that, do they.

1. When did you spend the most ill-advised amount of money on music?
2. Silliest merch idea you’ve seen.
3. Favourite band t-shirt.
4. Favourite music you’ve spent way too much money on but don’t regret at all.
5. Next musical purchase you’re eyeing up.

37 witty ripostes to Friday is Attempting the Nudge the Wheels of Commerce into Motion

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    1. When we were in Austin for SXSW. Getting vinyl back to the UK was a massive pain, particularly that much vinyl.
    2. Chemikal Underground’s Aidan Moffat bottle opener.
    3. I love my Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles one from Pickathon in 2008.
    4. A double picture disc version of the new Earth album. Not cheap at all, and no regrets whatsoever.
    5. The new Rick Redbeard album. It’s a fucking corker, folks.

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    1. If you include instruments, the answer is next week when I will hopefully be taking delivery of a Baritone Sax. If not, 150 quid to see Genesis in 2007. Totally worth it though.

    2. Some Edinburgh band released a single on MP3 in a limited edition of one solid silver engraved card case. Mental.

    3. I do like my “Who the fuck is David Jack?”
    one. No idea who he is though.

    4. See 1.

    5. See 1. too.

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    £150 to see Genesis? Holy shit, man! And what, they’re playing here for £150 again? And you still haven’t learned?

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    1. Right when I first got a proper job I couldn’t help going to Avalanche weekly and stocking up on 4 or 5 CDs a time. Shame I couldn’t sustain it but my collection will always bear the mark of those couple of years.
    2. Silliest and best, Boris earplugs.
    3. Had a Chili Peppers one that I wore throughout my teenage years. Think it was a pretty cheap Barras one and lasted for far longer than you would’ve thought, though in it’s latter days it would’ve horrified anyone that cares about the state of the clothes they wear.
    4. Probably got a few CD boxsets floating about but I mostly regret them. So maybe the White Album back when it was £30?
    5. I’m in to the pre-Christmas purchase moratorium but I’ve got a list and come January there’s plenty to buy.

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    Yeah, being young and having both time to poke about record shops and no really serious financial commitments really does leave a mark on your collection doesn’t it.

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    Indeed, although it was a very good seat and came with some nonsense free merch. Sadly, they’re not playing again; the second time, I was referring to my imminent horn.

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    Oh good grief!

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    1. +1 for blowing a student loan on records. Then having to borrow money for rent and food… well worth it, though.

    2. The Found chocolate record, and the new Shout Out Louds ice one, too.

    3. I’ve a ratty old No Use For a Name one that’s long been relegated to the pyjama pile but is still dearly loved.

    4. I once paid about £15 for a Naked and Famous 7″ shipped from Oz. Don’t think much of the band, but love that single.

    5. Got the Interpol vinyl box set reissue of Turn On The Bright Lights in the post, which falls between 4 and 5, I guess, as I’ve already bought it. Aside from instruments and mics (eyeing up a new tele’ and an SM7B), most record purchases tend to be impulse buys, these days (but does having a ‘music impulse buy’ budget count?).

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    I’m totally going to be working “I was referring to my imminent horn” into conversations all weekend.

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    1. Ukulele, has had very little use.
    2. I had an idea of doing a floppy disk containing a text based RPG you need to complete to gain a download code, ending music can be an 8-bit version of the song memory dependant.
    3. Holy Fuck cowboy cat one.
    4. My Jazzmaster
    5. Drummer shit/that Neutral Milk Hotel vinyl box set.

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    1. 1986-present. I kicked the fags, the booze and yet I still spend most of my disposable income on music.

    2. I’ve only seen pictures of this but The Cure did a promotional spinning top around the time of their album The Top. Way too obvious, bit like the Stranglers putting a raven on their album The Raven.

    3. Probably my Suede Dog Man Star t-shirt. I didn’t get much live music in my teens, what with living in the middle of nowehere. But I bought that at the gig in Leicester that started my massive gig-going, so it sort of symbolises that for me. Plus, it’s my favourite album of the nineties.

    4. I have spent well on four figures (pounds not dollars) on The Cure since they became my favourite band in 1991. I don’t care. Do I need the UK, Dutch and Spanish editions of The Caterpillar 12″? D’uh. Obviously.

    5. Well, I’m still waiting on Pete Harvey’s solo album and Meursault’s first album to be issued on vinyl…but I finally heard the Metz album yesterday on Spotify, really enjoyed it and I want to get it. Alas, you could give me £5,000 to spend on vinyl and I would spend it all -and there would still be more stuff I wanted.

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    Anyone prepared to give up all their vices in order to spend more money on records a) obviously has a problem and b) obviously is awesome!

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    1. When did you spend the most ill-advised amount of money on music? I’m from Yorkshire I don’t spend ill-advised amounts of money !!

    2. Silliest merch idea you’ve seen. I do like the aiden moffat bottle opener. I also own a pair of King Kurt boxer shorts

    3. Favourite band t-shirt. A Crash Course t-shirt by the UK Subs but alas it does not fit me any more.

    4. Favourite music you’ve spent way too much money on but don’t regret at all. Seeing Tom Waits at the Playhouse

    5. Next musical purchase you’re eyeing up. Probably a Gallon Drunk T-shirt tonight if the’re not too expensive

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    1. Probably my Trace Elliot guitar amp that I bought on a whim because I spotted it was a pre-corporate buy out model (i.e. From when the brand were still hand built by men with beards in a shed in rural Essex, rather than robots on a production line somewhere in the far east.)

    2. I rather like the Slayer christmas jumper.

    3. I thought my James one from their Alton Towers gig in 1992 was well good.

    4. I dread to think how much travelling to two Away Games has cost if the total were to be totted up.

    5. I prefer to surprise myself.

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    Old Trace Elliot bass amps are the best!

    I too, am waiting for POB/KWT to come out on vinyl…

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    Tom Waits at the Playhouse and Away Game are very much money well spent, however expensive.

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    The problem, seeing as we’re discussing it, with Pissing on Bonfires on vinyl is that the album itself exists only in mp3 form, so whatever happened all you’d have is vinyl-mastered, up-sampled mp3s. I am sure it would still sound good enough, but there are no high quality wavs for that record, anywhere in existence.

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    1) I travelled to Kiev from Vienna because Paul McCartney was playing the high street for free. Quote from my pal ‘oh go on , how far can it be’. It’s a flight and a hotel bill.

    2) BSP’s Kendal mint cake was inspired if a bit odd

    3) I love my Scroob …cheese T Shirt

    4) I spent my holiday money on seeing the Clash.

    5) Probably a beautiful days festival ticket for the first time

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    1. 2003-04 generally. Nothing specific, I just spend a fortune on a lot of shit that the NME told me to. Stupid, stupid.

    2. Cold War Kids onesies. Utterly baffling.

    3. Used to be my Sonic Youth Goo T, then I realised every bastard was wearing one. So I’ll say my Husker Du one. No idea if it’s official, rare or whatever, but it says HUSKER FUCKIN DU on it.

    4. £50 to see Bowie in 2004 was the most I’ve ever spent on a gig but was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

    5. Kid Canaveral, eagleowl and Nick Cave records next year are going to be just super.

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    Dylan that Slayer Xmas jumper might actually be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

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    This sunday The Lovely Eggs are playing the Wee Red ( if memory serves they are utterly mad but ace to watch).

    As for merch i’m sure it was them that had knitted scarves for sale in a variety of colours similar to a football scarve except they had FUCK OFF written on them – ace

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    The Lovely Eggs are indeed both mental and brilliant.

    Those scarves and the British Sea Power cake sound awesome!

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    1. Maybe 10 years ago with my brother, for a Yamaha 16-track.
    2. Old Time Relijun baby bodysuits
    3. Swell. Was my favourite band in my teenage years, the t-shirt is now old and has only a tiny logo on it which makes it almost unpromotional
    4. Swell’s albums (12 – including 1 ep, 2 B-sides compilations and 1 side-project). don’t regret it, it’s the base of my indie culture.
    5. latest La Batterie, new Flotation Toy Warning (whenever it’s out)…

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    Oh fucking yes:

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    1. My bank account has never been more sad than when I bought an iPhone. So, the past three years.

    2. Silliest merch idea you’ve seen.

    3. I have a Mumford and Sons shirt. I look ace in it and it’s super comfy*.

    4. Mumford and Sons… the shows are really fun.

    5. I need to buy a new bookcase because I am stealing my parents turntable, receiver and speakers which all needs a place to live.

    *Let me look at the label to see who makes the actual shirt. Because I will wear the hell of out that shirt. hint. hint. hint.

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    i are scientist

    1. If I totted up all the funds spent travelling to / getting tickets for gigs over the years, I could probably have bought a parking space in St Ives by now.

    2. As someone’s already gone for the singing beer opener I’ll go for the i l tea that ilt made a couple of years ago, to go with their mugs (bit more conventional I know). Apparently they had to go and mix it (or whatever you do with tea) and everything. BSP also do a very good merch stall – last one I saw looked like something from a jumble sale ca. 1942.

    3. Gotta be Brakes.
    Front: “Hi how are you etc etc”
    Back: “Won’t you shut the fuck up, I’m a just trying to watch the band”
    I shall give it an airing tomorrow, just in case the shushers aren’t up to scratch.

    4. See 1. Although there’s probably more that I regret not going to – I have to remind myself sometimes that you can’t do everything

    5. There will no doubt be some well-lubricated purchasing next Friday, although also tomorrow the bus leaves rather too conveniently from mono. I’m also hoping to spend some money on new albums by eagleowl and the Scottish Enlightenment next year.

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    Lane Meyer

    1. Starting a band
    2. I’ve seen a few bands with undergarments as merch. Ummm, no thanks.
    3. Someone had a “He Was Such a Quiet Boy” t-shirt made for me in honor of the first album. It was a very lovely gesture.
    4. See Answer 1.
    5. A second electric guitar, and a third and a fourth. I really need them…

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    Campfires & battlefields

    1) The last time I booked my flight for Austin.
    2) Band of Horses rolling papers.
    3) Autographed Builders and the Butchers t-shirt with skull design, which I had to give to my wife because it was too small for my ample frame. Fits her great.
    4) Spent $20 on a used vinyl copy of Freddie King’s “Going Down.” Worth every penny.
    5) Waiting for the new Scott Walker masterpiece/nightmare to be released.

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    I’m going to find a Brakes T shirt that’s splendid

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    Lane Meyer

    Ooh rolling papers! Yeah, that’s silly I guess.

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    1. In the months since the Cambridge Folk Festival, have easily spent the entry fee again on music from bands I just discovered there.
    2. Nothing beats Aidan’s bottle opener!
    3. Had a great Cocteau twins Heaven or Las Vegas tour t shirt
    4. We were away for the Leonard Cohen at Wembley so went to Lisbon to see him, worth every penny.
    5. Pre-ordered the Bad Seed’s new vinyl box set, could possibly fit into 4. as well.

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    New vinyl box set? Really? Fuck I need one of those!

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    Hope i didn’t get anyone excited, i only meant the deluxe box set version of the new album, not a box set of all albums, mind you that’s a great idea and i would buy it!

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    Dang. I thought for a moment there was a box set of reissues or something like that. But I will buy a box set of the new one too!

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    Campfires & Battlefields – Scott Walker masterpiece/nightmare has just finished its first listen. Inspired, difficult, unsettling and very, very good indeed.

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