Friday is Attempting the Nudge the Wheels of Commerce into Motion

Yep, we are off to the Independent Label Market in London this weekend, hoping to get the nation’s movers, shakers and insufferable hipsters to part with their hard earned cash in exchange for Song, by Toad trinkets, and in doing so nudge a step or two closer to that yacht in the Bahamas with which the release and sale of records has thus far signally failed to provide me.

It can surely only be a matter of time, however, as we begin to firm up our plans for next year. Things are taking shape nicely, and we have some very fine releases in the pipeline.  Being a record label is a bit like being a greedy child though; your eyes really do get a little bigger than your stomach.  If we were to release everything I want to release, then we’d need staff, heads of department, visitors’ parking and an absolute shitload more cash than we have, so we’ll have to pass on all sorts of things I would love to do. Nevertheless, the things we definitely are doing are fucking belting. You are going to enjoy yourselves.

Anyhow, for those not trotting down to London to spend far too much money on records, the fantastic Sssh! Festival is taking place in Glasgow this weekend.  Toad Records bands Yusuf Azak and Meursault are playing, as well as other Toad favourites like Woodpecker Wooliams, RM Hubbert and Rick Redbeard (whose new album is fucking awesome, incidentally). The details are all here, and I strongly recommend you go along.

Anyhow, as I drive South with Toad beer and Toad cupcakes (oh, and some records too) why not join Mrs. Toad in talking utter pish on the internet for a bit. She’ll thank you for the entertainment I think, as the other option will be to listen to me talk all the way to London, and frankly no-one wants to have to put up with that, do they.

1. When did you spend the most ill-advised amount of money on music?
2. Silliest merch idea you’ve seen.
3. Favourite band t-shirt.
4. Favourite music you’ve spent way too much money on but don’t regret at all.
5. Next musical purchase you’re eyeing up.