Friday is Working on Sessions Again – At Last!

The Black Tambourines – Bad Days (Toad Session) from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

This week I have been working on The Black Tambourines‘ brilliant Toad Session which we recorded… wait for it… back in December 2011. Fuck me, the shame of such epic procrastination weighs heavily on my brow, I promise you.

Anyhow, I was intending to edit them in the Spring, but in the Spring I was utterly overwhelmed by releases from The Leg, Jesus H. Foxx, Meursault and the Song, by Toad Split 12″.  It’s really only now that I am getting to the point of not having to constantly firefight, and can look back with shame at the time it has taken to get working on these.

Anyhow, I have finished most of The Black Tambourines one, and we have Joanna Gruesome, Samantha Crain and Woodpecker Wooliams still to come. We’re recording one with Charles Latham in November and Randolph’s Leap in early January too, so there is plenty more on the way and you can expect multi-media treats on a regular basis for the next few months.

Anyhow, tonight Mrs. Toad and I are going on a hot date. I am brushing my hair, ironing a shirt and not leaving the house looking like a student for a change, and we are going for a nice meal.  We arranged it weeks ago actually, and it’s nice to have this kind of thing to look forward to.  Even if her colleagues just laughed and said ‘oh, you mean you’re going out for a meal with your husband?’  No, you fuckers, we’re going on a hot date.  And it is going to be awesome.

But before then, let’s answer the following five questions and talk pish on the internet for a bit, until pub o’clock.

1. Biggest date fail.
2. Last time you went on anything vaguely describable as a date.
3. Who would you like to see do a Toad Session in future.
4. Where should we record a Toad Session, other than our room, to make it more interesting.
5. Are you a procrastinator or a doer?