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Garden of Elks

‘Hey, wait a moment, isn’t that that hairy cunt from Bronto?’

Thus went my thought process when I saw this video for the first time.  And yes, they hirsute gentleman in the video – the tall one doing a lot of singing – is indeed the fellow the popular press refers to as ‘that hairy cunt from Bronto Skylift‘. Niall, I think his mother calls him.  But you never know.

I’ve criticised the Scottish music scene for failing to throw up all that many good, rough, raucous guitar bands in the last few years, particularly given how many great ones were appearing in Manchester and on the South Coast.  And it’s taken a while, but there are definitely a few really good ones around these days.  Dolfinz and Paws you know about already, and Min Diesel and North American War have also been favourably discussed on these pages before.

Now this lot, calling themselves Garden of Elks (and including that hairy cunt from Bronto), have released a song out into the wilds of the internet and I have to say, it sounds very promising.  I’ve heard one more tune than the one they have released and that too was awesome: twitching and raucous. Who knows if they’ll be any good in the long run, but they have the pedigree (did I mention that the hairy cunt is that one from Bronto?) and the two tunes they’ve recorded so far are cracking. So I recommend you do as I do: keep an eye on their Soundcloud page and see what develops.

6 witty ripostes to Garden of Elks

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    Great found!

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    Why thank you sir, although I have to confess they found me, rather than the other way around.

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    Also, I seriously seriously hope Niall from Bronto has a sense of humour, or I am getting a fucking shoeing the next time I see them!

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    best thing i have heard in ages. listened to it about 20 times now

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    It is a top pop smash, in my opinion. Now there’s a press quote for you!

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    […] (aka hairy cunt from Bronto) has mutated away from popular beat combo Bronto Skylift and now fronts this scuzzy lo-fi trio, […]

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