King DJ

King DJ is the solo project of a certain Mark from Brown Brogues, although I get the impression calling it a project might be slightly over-stating the level of seriousness with which this stuff is treated.

Not that it’s throwaway or anything, more that having asked him about it, Mark himself replied that it is simply something which he keeps tucked away on the sidelines that he can work on with no pressure, no goals and without the practical restrictions of writing for a guitar-and-drums two-piece. King DJ is something which is intended to work as well either performed solo or with a full band.

Listening to U Gon And Dun It, the second song on this single, available either digitally or on cassette from Haus of Pins, it’s hard to see exactly what is happening beyond the very simple structure mentioned before, although Hold Me Down is definitely denser and fuller than you’d expect from a Brown Brogues tune. They have a sort of dirty malevolence to them, where as Brown Brogues tend to come with a more raucous clatter, and you can definitely hear both the kinship and the differences when listening to these tunes.

I don’t mean to sound like I am putting pressure on a project designed to alleviate it, but I definitely reckon there is some mileage to be had here.  It’s related, clearly, but also obviously different to Brown Brogues’ stuff and I really do reckon it bears a bit more exploring.  Dirty, nasty and awesome.

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