King Post Kitsch – Repulsive Sunsets EP

This EP will be launched at the Song, by Toad Records Christmas Party on the 7th December, with the first ever full band performance by Glasgow’s King Post Kitsch, over a year and a half since we released the band’s debut album in May last year.

Since then Charlie has moved up to Glasgow, back to London and back to Glasgow again trying to settle on somewhere to dig his heels in, form a cohesive band, and get out and about playing his stuff. Normally a prolific songwriter, this has delayed his recording too, as he didn’t want to put out anything new until he had a band to support it, and Repulsive Sunsets feels a bit like it marks the band’s official release into the wild.

So, at the Christmas Party, held in Edinburgh’s gorgeous Summerhall we will finally get to see King Post Kitsch perform live for the first time – something I am personally so pleased about I am even going to give a free copy of the EP to the first fifty people who come through the door, along with a bottle of limited edition Toad Beer (the beer won’t be free, it will just be awesome). However, if you can’t make it to Summerhall or, just as importantly, can’t make it there punctually, you can always pick up a copy of this wee pop gem (with just a little added bite!) right here.

Happy Christmas!