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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 26th November 2012

 So, I’m back from Preston safe and sound, and looking forward to a wee jaunt to London for the Independent Label Market this weekend. It’s all go, here at Toad Hall.

Personally, I am not going to be in Edinburgh that much at all this week, and am popping through to Glasgow to see Sparrow and the Workshop at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy on Wednesday

Also, as Christmas approaches, and everycunt (yes, including Song, by Toad Records) seems to be arranging a Christmas party these days, I think calendars are about to start getting pretty full pretty quickly. This week is still a relatively relaxed affair, however, although the first of the Christmas Parties does show itself, with the awesome Papi Falso happening at Henry’s on Saturday.

As for gigs, however, well there’s a few knocking about. Chad Valley may be a bit too house for me, but I bet there are a good few of you out there pleased to know he’s playing at Sneaky Pete’s tomorrow night.

Again, it’s not my bag, but Tift Merritt (tonight) and Karine Polwart (Friday) are both at the Queen’s Hall this week, although they are perhaps respectively a touch country and a touch trad folk for my taste.

We have the Cancel the Astronauts album launch party at the Electric Circus on Friday, if you’re after a pure indiepop fix, and then two nights of raucous fun at the Wee Red Bar on the weekend. First up, on Saturday there is a four-band bill of Some Skeletons, A Fight You Can’t Win, Black International and Birdhead, and then on Sunday the Lovely Eggs are back in Edinburgh.

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    i are scientist

    Anyone in, or happy to pop over to, Glasgow on Saturday might be interested in the Shhh . quiet festival alldayer – eagleowl, Meursault, Woodpecker Wooliams and others:

    apparently they’re going to have professional shushers and everything!

    And if you’re too scared or rubbish to get out there by yourself there’s even a bus from mono for four quid return. Easy!

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    Yeah, I am most frustrated at not getting to go to this, it looks brilliant.

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    I expect the most frustrating part for you, Matthew, is missing out on the chance of spending a whole day being a professional shusher!

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    It’s not as much fun when everyone’s doing it.

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    What if there are more shushers than punters?

    Wouldn’t it just be a cacophony of shushing?

    It raises a philosophical dilemma: who shushes the shushers?

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