Something Anorak

Any of you who have read my contact page know that I ask bands to remove as much fluff and flattery from their emails as possible and just send me a link to their tunes.  I listen to everything, I tell them, so there’s no point giving me too much chatter as I judge everything on the music itself.

We’ve even signed bands based on the most half-arsed of introductory emails, but even considering that, this one takes some beating.  It simply said ‘Listen to this’ with an accompanying YouTube link.  Even I thought that was a tad abrupt, but ask and you shall receive, so I can hardly complain.

In any case, as if just to prove my point, it makes no difference what they wrote when they got in touch because this is absolutely fucking brilliant.  Usually such brief introductions lead straight to cock rock or shite hip-hop, but this is dreamy and meticulously constructed lo-fi guitar pop.

It’s not for laptop speakers either, which destroy the subtleties of the assembly.  Put it on some decent speakers, relax and let it wash over you. Between the lo-fi movement and its shuddersome contemporary, Chillwave, there has been a lot of dreamy pop music around recently, but there’s something in the delivery of this which I am really enjoying.

The vocals can be tentative, but they have their moments of strength as well. A lot of the arrangements depend on a strummed acoustic guitar, but there are layers of synths and glitchy noise added as well, and applied sufficiently minimally that they simply add a layer of spookiness, rather than overpowering the tune with noise.

So yes, this is very nicely done indeed.  Judiciously done, I would say, although I doubt many bands would choose that as their favourite compliment.  And there are two collections of songs downloadable for free from their Bandcamp page as well, which I strongly suggest you spend some time checking out.