Two songs on one 7″ single does not a great band, but I reckon these tunes, by really quite new Kettering band Temples, are easily good enough to start bandying terms like ‘highly promising’ and ‘great potential’ and, even more excitingly, ‘watch this space’ about the place.

And fuck it, why not, these two tunes are cracking.  The only problem is that they tend to lead me into conversations which almost invariably involve people saying things like ‘psyche-rock is back’ (hooray) and ‘just look at Tame Impala’ (boo – they really are fucking shit).

Having just started to explore the awesome Nuggets compilation (I know, where the fuck have I been, etc..) and started to pick out all sorts of fascinating vinyl retrospective compilations, like the brilliant Michigan Meltdown which I found in Action Records in Preston, as well as getting hold of recent reissues by The Zombies and Thirteenth Floor Elevators in Voxbox round the corner… it turns out I really, really like psychedelic rock.

And is it back? I don’t know, but Toy seemed to have a fair bit of psyche mixed in with their Britpop, and bands like The Murals are doing pretty well, and Lil Daggers and The Underground Youth are pretty psyche – and they just released an awesome split 7″ on none other than the *cough cough* incredible Song, by Toad Records!

So, whatever, you’ve all heard my caveats about not being able to tell too much about a band from two songs plenty of times before, but without getting too carried away, I think this is pretty awesome actually and I am rather looking forward to hearing more.  And I am definitely getting hold of a copy of the 7″ at the Independent Label Market this weekend.