These Brittle Bones

If you happened to play the video above before reading anything written here, I would imagine there are a fair few of you wondering what the fuck I am doing writing about this kind of glossy balladry, but in all seriousness, I think Anchor Bleed is an awesome song. The piano is rolling and gloriously depressing, and the vocals fragile and vulnerable.

I point this out early on, because once I tell you about who wrote it, you might start to doubt my motivations. These Brittle Bones is music made by a fellow based out in Singapore who is thirteen years old. Thirteen fucking years old, and yes you read that right. By an odd coincidence I happened to spend my thirteenth year at school in Singapore as well, and I promise you, all I was doing at that point was being turned down for roles in the school play and wondering why all the girls I asked out just wanted to be my friend instead.

The idea of making music this accomplished at that time in my life was fucking laughable, honestly. I have to mention the back story though, because it’s just so impressive, but there’s a part of me which is annoyed that I brought it up at all. Age shouldn’t really matter; no amount of youth can make shit music more impressive, if shit music is all you have in you.

Jones himself is a Welshman, originally, and for all he may be young, this is clearly not a callow or unsophisticated operation. The music is immaculately well-produced, and the email communications I have received so far have been clean, simple and well-judged, so for all the age thing might conjure images of some ingenue flexing new-found muscle for the first time and not quite sure what to do with it, I get the impression there is a little more to the These Brittle Bones project than just a schoolboy sending his demos out to the world in the hope someone might take to them.

At times some of this music nudges just a little close to being smooth, slightly overwrought balladry for my taste, I am not a fan of the distinctly bongo-like percussion which makes an appearance from time to time, and I guess that overall it does sit right on the border of what I would normally listen to.  Nevertheless, there are some absolutely gorgeous moments to be found if you have a good dig through These Brittle Bones’ Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

Browsing these and the band’s website shows you someone who loves Daughter and The XX and who, despite being half a world away and probably half the age as well, makes music which I honestly think bears healthy comparison to the stuff from which he draws inspiration. As well as making me remember my teenage years with a sense of total and utter inadequacy.