Psychedelic…? Proggy…?  Dreamy…? You know, more or less that kind of stuff I mean.  This lot have been covered in Pitchfork, which means that a/ by our standards they’re really rather successful, and b/ someone has probably already described this kind of music in the sort of language which would make a thesaurus blush.  Or commit suicide, one or the other.

I take the piss, but at least on Pitchfork I think you do tend to get knowledgeable writers, don’t you? That’s a little more than you can expect here, I’m afraid, because whilst I am getting more and more into this kind of stuff at the moment, it’s a relatively new thing for me, so I tend not to have the kind of touchstone references, history and context to hand to properly discuss it.

A wee glance at their Bandcamp page is enough to tell you that this band have an impressive back catalogue, and that therefore I am rather late to the party.  My introduction came via the b-side of their new single All Tangled Up, which if you remember I played on the podcast a few weeks ago.

With this kind of music I get a little dubious at times about whether something is genuinely hypnotic or whether a pleasant sound and basic repetition causes me to overestimate something which might be quite boring. I’ve explored a fair bit of their stuff now, and I don’t really think this is the case, I think they’re properly good.  It can be nice, dense 70s psych-prog at times, and at others closer to atmospheric electronica and at still others not dissimilar to The Books.

It takes a different mindset to listen to this than most of the awkward folk or rough garage stuff I tend to get into, and it’s something I am enjoying exploring. And finding a band like this, where you can be drawn in by a great new single and then have all sorts of other things to explore too is a genuine pleasure.  Really good stuff.

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