Adam Stafford & Song, by Toad Records

I almost forgot that announcing things to the people at our label Christmas Party last week is not quite the same as announcing them to the whole world. Just goes to show, distance notwithstanding, you should have been there!

Anyhow, one of the announcements we made was that we will be working with the wonderful Adam Stafford on the release of his new album Imaginary Walls Collapse. We’re having a meeting next week to determine the exact release date and what the singles will be and all that fun stuff, but for now I just wanted to give Adam a big ol’ welcome to Song, by Toad Records.

Aside from the most basic requirement – i.e. the album is fucking awesome – Adam also fits really well with the other people on the label in the sense that he’s stubborn, hard working, completely genuine and a lovely guy to work with. Also, with his film work and the stuff he does on Wiseblood Industries, he is clearly a very interesting and a very creative fellow.

The temptation for me now, of course, is to play you something from the new album, but that would be leaking and even though I am on the internet, I don’t do leaks. The song above isn’t on the album, of course, because that’s on his last one, but anyone who has seen Adam perform recently will have seen a good chunk of songs from the new record.

The video above was in fact made for a single to be released on the awesome Kingfisher Bluez records in Vancouver at some time in the near future, and my understanding is that they are likely to be doing a full US/Canada release of the album as well, so GLOBAL DOMINATION CLEARLY AWAITS!

Anyhow, we’re very proud to have him onboard, and I am really looking forward to being able to play you songs from the new record. And if you want a wee introduction to Adam’s work before we release anything, why not acquire a copy of this cracking split 7″ on Gerry Loves Records, with two songs by Adam and another by Rick Redbeard. It is highly recommended, and a full stream is below, should you need convincing.

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