Former Bullies Make YouTube a Better Place

I’ve mentioned the awesomeness of the Former Bullies YouTube page before, but they’ve been quiet for a wee while recently, so I was rather pleased to see something new crop up in my Tumblr feed.

I have no idea who the fuck Secret Admirer are, and they are proving relatively resistant to cursory Googling, but if there is a rule of thumb on the internet* it is that if Former Bullies want to make a video of your band, then your band must be good.  The musical style will be familiar to all who have listened when I have pushed you in this direction before: jangly guitars, reverby vocals and a slacker pop vibe.

The latest selection of videos includes a couple of older ones – the Brilliant Colors and Jessop & Williamson tunes below – but I thought they were worth revisiting just for being awesome.  The Secret Admirer stuff is the new stuff, and both tunes are really good.

Former Bullies themselves are an excellent band too. I have yet to tempt them up to Edinburgh to play a gig, but their Golden Chains album was one of my favourite of last year – inhabiting a territory between lo-fi acoustic pop and dreamy 60s psychedelia, and with not a weak song on the whole record.

As I have said before, blogs are becoming less and less significant in the discovery of new bands for me, and instead I am relying on podcasts like All Back No Front and Cloud Sounds, and on following my favourite bands on Twitter and finding things like this YouTube account, where consistently great music seems to crop up all the time.  Even if it has been a bit of a wait this time!

*Apart from checking that pretty Emily isn’t trucker Dave before committing to a long-term relationship.

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