Friday Fives Are Going to Change

Yup, it’s time for a change around here. Basically, when I started the Friday Fives there wasn’t much around in the way of social media, so it was a good way of fannying about and wasting time on a Friday afternoon when, let’s face it, no-one wants to do any real work.

Since then there are way more effective ways of talking shite with your friends on the internet, and frankly, I think the Friday Fives, whilst still fun, have lost a bit of their liveliness, to be honest. So from now on I am simply going to provide five random bits of fluff from the bowels of the internet.  Links, video, new music, interesting articles… you know, five bits of random shit.

And then, you can either comment on them if you so choose, or bring your own links to the comments thread.  Anything will do – anything which caught your interest during the week and which you would like to share with everyone else.

1. New Star Trek Trailer (above).
This, frankly, looks fucking awesome.  Benedict Cucumberbatch is in fucking everything these days, but he looks like he’s having a right laugh in that trailer up there.  I am reeeeally looking forward to this.

2. Music news of the week: new Eels tune!
I was going to put this in the podcast this week actually, but my laptop won’t rip tunes from Soundcloud and I am still waiting on an mp3 from the PR lot.  The new Eels sounds really good actually – a lot more aggressive and eccentric. This is a big improvement on the relatively safe, gentler stuff on the last few albums.  I hope the new record lives up to it.

3. Article on the death of music blogs.
Well obviously I am never going to agree with all of this, and there are a lot of subtleties about the nature and function of music blogs which the writer seems to miss, but I will write a proper response next week, I think.  The bottom line of his argument is that with the likes of YouTube and that being used so extensively for music discovery, blogs simply ceased to be necessary.

4. Lone Udinese fan in the away end in game vs. Sampdoria.
I love that the Sampdoria fans started out booing him, and then slowly softened, and finally decided to take him out for dinner, despite the fact that their team lost.  Football fans can be awesome sometimes!

5. Song of the week: Flume – Star Eyes.
I put this on the podcast this week, and I really like it: dark, thick and sluggish.  No idea how I’ll take a whole album of this, but this one tune is awesome.  Apparently the album came out at the end of November. Whoops – behind as usual!

Seen anything fun this week? Share it in the comments…

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