Independent Label Market

Well umm… that was fun! As you know, we were down at the Independent Label Market in London this weekend – the first time we’ve been asked.  Our label was founded on the back of a blog, and I live in Edinburgh, so our fans and customers have tended to be a combination of locals and people who exist solely ‘on the internet’. Going to a new place like London and expecting anyone to give a shit wasn’t exactly a cast iron recipe for success.

Between Rob St. John and Meursault, however, as well as the tour to promote the split 12″ in May, we’ve been slowly making some inroads into the capital’s music scene, so I was looking forward to this nevertheless. Although it feels a little treacherous for someone from Edinburgh to refer to London as ‘the capital’ I am wary of being too Scotland-centric both in terms of the blog and the label, and I think it’s very important that we try to address ourselves to Britain (and beyond, of course, but first things first!) rather than just Scotland, for the simple reason of there being almost 70 million people in the UK as a whole, but only five million up here in the North.

After all, there’s only so luxurious a yacht in the Bahamas that can be bought by exploiting the musical peccadilloes of five million dedicated souls, whereas seventy million should at least be able to buy something worthy of the name.

Having said all that, geographical reasons make it difficult for a label based this far away to sneak all that far into the chatter of people based a long way away, and with more than enough going on in their own back yard as it is.  Hell, it’s even a challenge in fucking Glasgow, never mind London.

So it was nice to see how many people came specifically to our stall to buy our stuff.  One happy customer was even featured in the Line of Best Fit’s writeup of the day, after I persuaded him to part with his cash in exchange for a split 12″.  It was nice how many labels at the market came to say Hi, and knew who we were and what we were up to, and it was nice to… well, just generally feel like we are getting somewhere, I suppose. It can feel a bit like shouting into a hurricane, doing this job, sometimes.

So we stood around and peddled our wares, drank Toad beer, courtesy of Barney’s here in Edinburgh, spent almost as much money on other people’s vinyl as we made selling our own, and finally retired to the pub feeling validated, happy, and like we actually belong to a community that is a little larger and broader than I had quite realised.  It was nice.  Good fun. And I am looking forward to the next one.

Oh, and courtesy of AMP Publicity, who did an awesome job at very short notice, we even have Song, by Toad Records t-shirts (below) and tote bags now too, with a rather snazzy design by Mr. David Lemm. I’ll be putting these up for sale on the site pretty much immediately, so er, well Christmas and all that… *cough cough*.