Izzy Lindqwister

Normally terms like ‘soulful vocals’ make me run a mile, and when this song started I have to confess I got The Fear. There was something I kinda liked about it though, and I think what finally crystallised that for me was the odd piano refrain which appeared after about forty seconds.

In fact, there are odd little things throughout this song, and actually they end up complementing the lush, bombastic vocal style, with the oddness of one and the smoothness of the other playing off one another really nicely.

This song goes from gorgeous to weird and back, and I am highly interested in hearing the rest of the EP, which is by a lass called Izzy Lindqwister. Her site is here, and has a media player so you can explore some more of her tunes.  The theme continues there, of the odd and the pretty doing a little dance together.

I don’t necessarily have much feel for the rest of her stuff yet, but the label are hopefully sending me a copy of her new EP. I don’t like everything on the player on her website, but there’s definitely a lot here which sounds really good.