Jonnie Common – So-Called Summer

Jonnie Common is a mental genius.  A genial genius, but mental nevertheless.  His Master of None album was one of the true highlights of last year, and after a quiet spell up on one of the isles of Scotland he’s back with a new release.  The PR campaign has been so relentless and efficient for this EP that I’m not sure he even told his wife about it, but I managed to stumble across this wee video and it seems that despite his best efforts, Mr. Common has failed to keep the whole thing entirely secret, although he gave it a very good shot indeed!

As you might expect from Jonnie, this is gentle pop with an eccentric twist, simultaneously charming and amusing and at the same time sort of melancholy. It’s the kind of music which instantly makes you feel like you’ve known the singer for years, and that the emotions in the song are shared between you and have been discussed in the pub many a time since you first met. Jonnie and I are pals, but even with me what I have just described isn’t really the case, but something in his delivery makes it feel like it really is, and there is something warming and true about this wee tune which I can’t help but love.

It is being released on a series of glass badges, and the details are all here.  I haven’t heard the whole EP yet, but So-Called Summer is awesome, and I have ordered my badge already. Hooray for Christmas.

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