Song, by Toad Readers’ Awards

toadcup Apologies for my tardiness in publishing this, but we’ve had some family difficulties around these parts recently, which has rather disrupted the normally relentless efficiency with which this operation normally functions.

Anyhow, the annual Toad Cup has been awarded this year by our readers, to their favourite five albums of 2012, and here are the lucky winners.  It’s worth noting a couple of things first though, just out of interest.

Firstly, despite my considerable interest in what I suppose you could call hipster guitar music, there is very little of this sort of stuff on the list. And this even despite fantastic recent releases by the Sea Pinks, Cold Pumas and Sauna Youth, albums which I myself love.  Readers of Toad however, it seems, remain relatively unmoved.

Secondly, with one obvious exception, which needs a couple of caveats and to which we will come later, it seems there were no obvious standout albums this year. By this I mean that I am sure we all in our own heads know which ones were the standouts for us, but whereas last year was an obvious slug-out between Wells & Moffat, Creosote & Hopkins and Rob St. John, no such obvious confluence of everyone’s tastes has emerged in 2012 and the voting was much more spread out.

And thirdly, the Song, by Toad Records Exception Clause: the exception in terms of obvious favourites for the year has been Meursault.  Basically, they absolutely pissed this vote.  Now, of course, they have a massive home-field advantage on this blog, not least because more and more it is the blog which is an appendage of the label, rather than vice versa. Although having said that, Meursault apparently ran away with this year’s poll of Scottish Bloggers and Music Websites (The BAMS) too, so perhaps it’s a just a half-decent record, all told.

The same rather applies to The Leg’s album, whilst I think it is an obviously brilliant album, hardly received the sort of widespread awareness to appear on any list but this one. In the neatly economical words of Music to Die For: “There’s no middle ground : you’re either going to think this is the best thing ever, or total garbage.” Personally, I vote for the former. And so, it seems, do you. And favouritism or not, this is the first time we’ve ever had two Toad releases in the readers’ top five, I think, so perhaps I should stop making excuses and just give the bands some fucking credit, eh.

Anyhow, the Song, by Toad Readers’ Top Five Albums of 2012:

1. Meursault – Something For the Weakened
2. The Leg – An Eagle to Saturn
3. Sharon Van Etten – Tramp
=4. Django Django – Django Django
=4. The Walkmen – Heaven

Woo and indeed Hoo! Happy New Year everyone.

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