Toad Beer and Cupcakes, Thanks to Fiona Buckle and Barney’s Beer

I am very, very pleased with these!  For those of you in London, come and get some of the cupcakes above and the beer pictured below at the Independent Label Market tomorrow where we will have a stall.  I think we are sort of the Fanny Price of the event however, as the song we were asked for was cut from the promotional compilation and they never published the Q&A with us either, but if you all turn up and buy records tomorrow (which you will, WON’T YOU?) then that won’t matter at all.

So for those even remotely interested in hearing even more of my tedious opinions, I thought I might as well at least publish the Q&A myself seeing as I spent time answering the questions, and you can read the whole thing at the bottom of the page.

And for those of you in Scotland gazing jealously at the cupcakes in the picture at the top of the page, and at the beer in the picture below, fear not: you can help yourself to some of these things by coming to our label Christmas Party on Friday 7th December at Summerhall.

The cupcakes were made by the awesome Miss Fiona Buckle (she stayed up until 5am doing them as well, so you better be appreciative, you greedy beggars), and the beer was brewed by a rather brilliant and rather tiny independent brewer’s called Barney’s, which appropriately enough can be found on the premises at Summerhall. My sincere thanks to both of them for their excellent work.

Q&A With Song, by Toad Records for the Independent Label Market 2012

What is your inspiration for your label?
Mostly I was inspired by other people being Wrong About Music.  I started out as a blogger, and the idea of my own label was mostly fomented by the sheer amount of shit I was sent by proper labels when compared to the quality of a lot of the stuff I was receiving from unsigned bands. It became more and more frustrating the more involved I got with the local underground music community, and eventually my wife and I got very drunk and snapped, telling a band that if no-one else was going to do it, dammit WE would put out their album.

Do you have any influences outside of music in how you run your company?
Yes.  Mostly gin.

Are you a record label or a brand? (you’re not allowed to answer ‘both’)
I hate the term, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a brand. As I said, I started out as just a blogger, and the blog is still going today, I do a weekly podcast, we record video sessions, and we put on regular gigs in Edinburgh. It’s a many-tentacled beast, the Toad Empire!

Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?
I get bored quickly, so I doubt just running a record label will be enough in the long run. The benefit of no-one knowing how the music industry works anymore, however, is that being a record label can be a pretty flexible thing these days.  And the benefit of being your own boss is that if running the label one way becomes boring, I can always just decide to do things differently.

What kind of deals, and indeed steals, will you have on your stall?
We may have some limited edition Toad Beer, some custom-made Toad Cupcakes, and a couple of yet-to-be-released things which we are making available because we have the finished product already, and the release date is pretty soon so, in the words of Doc Brown, we figured what the heck.

Which of your artists would you most like to see have a Christmas Number One and why?
The Leg, because they would terrify the shit out of everyone.  They make pop music, but it’s pop music in the way that Krampus is a fairytale character.  He is, but not quite in the way you’d think.

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