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Toadcast #253 – The Currycast

post tag What the fuck am I doing calling something a Currycast, I hear you ask.  Music cannot be curry-themed, and nor is it.  This is called the Currycast simply because I am visiting my Granddad in Manchester and he has just asked me to cook a curry for him tomorrow night.

I have never cooked curry before, and Mrs. Toad makes such a fine one that I have never really been motivated to have a go, myself.  Why bother making the second-best curry in the house, after all. However, I made a gigantic leg of roast lamb today, so there are lots of leftover bits of cabbage, carrots, lamb juice and bits to make a fine stock base, and so as long as the flavour is right the richness should be okay.

Despite being raised abroad, when we were kids roast dinners in my grandparents’ house were amongst our most vivid memories, so the fact that me and my little brother get to come here ourselves to cook roast dinners now is a really nice feeling.  It feels like we’re helping to continue a tradition in which we were raised, despite the fact the he lives in America and I in Scotland means neither of us spend much time in Manchester these days.

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01. Inspector Tapehead – I Am Your Pedigree (00.12)
02. Mothersday – Shoulder Soldier (08.59)
03. King Post Kitsch – Blood and Glitter (15.52)
04. Flutes – Auld Archie (20.11)
05. Flume – Star Eyes (24.33)
06. Sweet Baboo – Let’s Go Swimming Wild (32.12)
07. Harness Flux – Stockholders (38.41)
08. Nehemiah St. Danger – Nehemiah St-Danger Lost and Alone in a New Paradigm (Venus of the Tumbling Towers) (44.15)
09. The Hand to Man Band – The Down Moveables (46.42)
10. Adios Amigo – Take Me to Heaven (54.01)
11. Meursault – Song For Martin Kippenberger (Jonnie Common Remix) (1.01.11)

4 witty ripostes to Toadcast #253 – The Currycast

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    If I were making a curry from what you’ve got. I would..

    Very, very finely chop an onion or two, a garlic, a ginger and some chillies. Fine as you can. If your grandad’s got a food processor use that. You want to get as close to a paste as you can.

    Fry the paste in a big pan along with your curry spices (you can go fancy and crush whole seeds and turmeric and what have you, or just lob some curry powder in, but best to get the spices in at this stage and fry the flavours out.)

    Start ladling in that nice lamb stock you’ve got and allow it to combine well with the paste as you add it bit by bit until you get the thickness you want.

    Presumably you’ve got some lamb meat and maybe a few spuds leftover. Now’s the time I would chop them into bitesize chunks and lob them in.

    Grab any decent-looking leftover veggies (and/or chop up some fresh stuff like a few sweet peppers, some biiesize chunks of onion, fresh tomatoes etc.) and give the the veg a quick stir fry in another pan to get a bit of colour on them and dry out the texture a bit, then lob them in your curry.

    Some tinned tomatoes or passata will help add richness at this point if you’ve got some.

    Let the curry bubble away for as much of the day as you’ve got.

    Finish off with something like yoghurt, coconut milk, fresh coriander, lemon juice etc. if you’re feeling fancy.

    And serve.

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    Matthew – check my notes section on my facebook profile. Every time that I find a recipe that works well and makes people happy then I put it up there (if I’m motivated). And quite a lot of them are curries…

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    Just reached the bit in the podcast when you say you’ve already made the curry.

    Well that’s just lovely. Ask for advice off your pals when you’ve already gone your own way.


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    I think I pretty much followed your advice anyway – albeit in advance.

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