Friday Fives – 11th January 2013

Welcome to the first Friday Fives of 2013, and the second of the new format Fives, where instead of trying to come up with entertaining questions once a week – at which I really was starting to struggle – I simply find you five interesting things, and encourage you to add your own in the comments. Simple really. And, with that, lettuce commence:

1. 3D printed records

I happened across this – and the video at the top of the page – on Wired the other day.  We have a serious problem at our label of economic batch quantities.  You need to sell thousands of records to effectively cover the cost of setting up for a vinyl manufacturing run, but you’d be surprised how few releases at this level actually sell a thousand copies.  3D printing offers a potential solution to this, in the future anyway. The idea of printing out records as and when they are sold and posting them off to people is quite a cool one, and the resolution may not be there yet, but I still think this is pretty amazing.

2. Song of the week: NakedLie Follows Lie

Alex from Magic Eye sent me this rather awesome tune earlier in the week, and I think it is highly promising.  Peering at their photo I see Alex himself, Grant from Edinburgh School for the Deaf, and someone I don’t recognise.  They are recording a couple more tunes this weekend I think, and I am really looking forward to hearing them.  It’s fey, stylish dream pop, and between Magic Eye themselves and the late, lamented Pet, this is something Edinburgh seems to be surprisingly good at at the moment.

3. Want to Spend the Rest of Your Life on Mars?

If I was to pick the nation to put together a deranged project like this one, seeking astronauts for a one-way ticket to Mars, it wouldn’t necessarily be the pragmatic, sensible Dutch.  But umm, well, watch the video. It’s a truly crazy project, so much so that I find myself suspecting a prank, but a cursory Google search suggests that they are indeed serious.

4. Men Stop Buying Clothes in their 50s

This is a weird one. Apparently quite genuinely stop buying clothes after their 50s. The graph below is for footwear, but it holds true for pretty much everything – trousers, shirts, even underwear.  As the site which originally linked me to this wondered: is this because we simply stop caring, or because our sense of self remains locked in the time when were were at our most wealthy and powerful?


5. Cardiff After Dark

This in an incredible series of photos taken on the main boozing streets of Cardiff, once everyone is well-oiled.  If you didn’t think that Britain had a teeny-tiny little bit of a drinking problem, have a look at the slideshow, and buy the book here.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.34.26

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