Friday Fives: 18th Jan 2013

Hello, thank you for turning up to welcome me back to the internet.  Between funerals and family business I’ve barely been on the internet since Christmas, but as of today things are going to get back to normal.  Well, they pretty much have to, as we’ve got a handful of releases coming up fast, and I have shit to do. So let’s get fucking moving, eh, starting with this week’s Friday Fives.

1. New Nick Cave video.

I’ll be honest, Dig Lazarus Dig didn’t really do it for me, nor did the latest Grinderman album, so I am not approaching this new album with what you would call total confidence.  Nevertheless, Nick Cave is one of my all-time musical heroes, and the new stuff sounds like it has a little more brood and swagger than the last couple of records – it seems more confident and sure of its identity somehow – so with a bit of luck my pre-order will be money well spent.

2. People are Getting Bored of Facebook.

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but Facebook UK apparently lost about 600,000 users over Christmas, which suggests that the sheen has dulled somewhat, at the very least.  A lot of my pals have deleted their accounts, and were it not for the label and the gigs I would do the same thing.  Having a personal Facebook account really isn’t of much use to me, honestly.  For something which grew so very fast, it will be interesting to see how long it takes Facebook to die, whether it’s now or sometime much, much later.

3. Song of the Week: Hookworms – In Our Time

Hookworms are what is technically described as ‘fucking awesome’, and after a superlative EP they now have their debut album due for release on Gringo Records in February. You can pre-order it here, and I recommend you do.

4.  We Missed the Northern Lights Over Scotland Last Night

Rob St. John and I set out on an expedition to see the Northern Lights last night, after a tweet that suggested a massive solar storm would make them visible unusually far South.  An overcast night meant we were out of luck, but apparently Twitter user dougiebuster was a little better placed.  Lucky bastard. I am not the sort of fellow who sets life goals – I tend to stick to a plan of taking interesting opportunities whenever they arise – but for some reason the Northern Lights have got under my skin and I really, really want to see them before I snuff it.  Close, but no cigar last night, it seems.


5. Simon Beck’s Snow Art is Rather Awesome.

Seeing as how most of the UK is under a fair bit of snow today I thought I might post some snow art, made by a British artist called Simon Beck.  He made these amazing designs by trampling down fresh snow with his feet.  Rather than whingeing about it on Facebook.


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