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Friday’s Fives – 25th January 2013

Samantha Crain – It’s Simple (Toad Session) from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

Afternoon, and happy Friday.  Welcome back to the Friday Fives, where I find five sometimes interesting, mostly frivolous thing which I have happened across on the internet this week and slap them up here for a bit of time-wasting Friday afternoon fun.

In the comments please feel free to add any daft shit you’ve come up with because… well, because I certainly have no intention of doing anything productive the afternoon, do you?

1. Samantha Crain Toad Session coming up.

Yep, after the scandalous passage of over a year I am finally almost ready to publish this session.  The first couple of videos are already up on Vimeo, and Dylan Matthews‘ photos are up on Flickr.  The rest of the session will be published next week.

2. 5 Staples of the Legal System Statistics Say Don’t Work.

I know I keep telling you to read Cracked, but have a look at that link above and you might see why.  Or perhaps you might decide you never want to read it again.

3. Now Wakes the Sea Burns Album

Generally speaking I have little to no interest in Burns Night, although whisky and haggis are both excellent things.  But late last night this little gem appeared on Bandcamp, and it’s bloody brilliant.  Now Wakes The Sea’s Fluoxetine Morning is in my top five albums of 2012, and this is a fine record of music based on the poetry of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns.

4. Homemade Dry Ice Bubble Bursting

This guy’s sciencey illusions are bloody amazing.  The one below is pretty impressive, and he has a Best of 2012 on his YouTube page as well.

5. President Obama Being Heckled by Muppets?  Oh yes!

15 witty ripostes to Friday’s Fives – 25th January 2013

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    I also have very little time for Burns but really liked the new Now Wakes the Sea thingy.

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    That’s because he is what is technically known as a clever little bastard.

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    The ending to Green Grow the Rashes is particularly awesome.

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    My song of the week is called “Dansktoppen Dansktoppen møder Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor part 1 & 2”
    by a danish guy inspired by music from Burkina Faso
    very joyful

    and these two covers put a kitsch smile on my face

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    Here’s those embeds for you:

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  7. avatar

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    That Burkina Faso guy is awesome. Nuts, but awesome.

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    I used to do these funny mock trials, where law firms would hire 36 people and basically hold the trial for them as they rated it in real time. They then broke off into three juries and deliberated behind one way glass while we taped them.

    Juries went 0 for 6 in the trials I did. Not only that, the majority of the jury disagreed with their own verdict but one person swayed everyone. In all six trials. And the one person was almost always mouthy and a bit right wing.

    This job is the main reason I always obey the law!

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    Did you not say that the person with the best-looking and most charismatic lawyer invariably won as well?

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    one more vote for the now wakes the sea album. sounds very very interesting, just got it! plus, great video illusion, it’s been long since i last surfed youtube for some of these!

  12. avatar’s design is so eye-bleedingly awful it gives me a headache reading it.

    Anyway, my contributions:

    Because you can never go wrong with Philip Glass:

    And because everyone’s on my facebook feed is talking about Beyonce, and this women puts her to shame:

    I might have gone to the opera last week…. it was delightful.

  13. avatar

    Ducky, yes it looks horrible, but once you start opening those suggested articles in new tabs you can never escape – there’s always something new to read!

    The Opera? Bad acting, and a language you don’t understand? Sounds, umm.. great, I’m sure. My Mum would be so proud.

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    Right, I can embed the Philip Glass one, but not t’other, sorry:

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    Yes. Legal arguments < handsome lawyer.


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