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Song, by Toad Readers’ Top Five Songs of 2012

toad Well well well, the voting for the song of the year was indeed done by a rather hometown audience, with the new Meursault album dominating, and only one song in the top five coming from outside our own wee corner of the Scottish music scene.

The votes were genuinely all over the place as well.  The Walkmen deserve some sympathy for having loads of songs in the voting, but not enough going to one specific one to register on the leader board, and it was the same for a lot of stuff, as votes didn’t seem to really cluster in any one place all that much.

Nevertheless, we have our winners, and I shall post videos of all five below.  It was a joint win, as well as a joint third place too, just in case you didn’t believe me about how close the voting was!

=1. Withered Hand – Heart Heart

This is a rousing bouncer of a tune,  which came out on Fence Records on a rather nice wee 7″ EP which you can buy here. Withered Hand released a couple of EPs this year, and of course the hope is that the band are building towards an excellent second album sometime this year.

=1. Meursault – Flittin’

There are a few versions of this out there, including a live version from the album launch at the Queen’s Hall here, and the nice thing about this song is that it works as well as a big thumping air-puncher as a gorgeously melancholy piano ballad, and the 7″ single we released had both versions on it.

=3. Foals – Inhaler

I knew nothing about this song when it was voted into the top five by our readers and umm… well, to be honest, it wouldn’t be here at all if I were picking.  Bloody democracy.

=3. King Creosote – Ankle Shackles

There is a stunning version of this song on the awesome, if somewhat elusive King Creosote album That Might Be It Darling, where a fork running across a cymbal provides a horrible-yet-brilliant whine all the way through the song.  We’ve got the official version below, from this EP, as well as a live version from the Queen’s Hall earlier in the year.  Sorry, make that last year.

=3. Meursault – Dull Spark

The second single from Meursault’s third album is also out on a fine 7″ on Song, by Toad Records, and this is another big old piano rock tune, and one people seem to like so much that it actually caused a stage invasion at their album launch in June.  Alright, not exactly a riotous stage invasion, but nevertheless..!

5 witty ripostes to Song, by Toad Readers’ Top Five Songs of 2012

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    Happy New Year you great big oaf. Some great choices here.

    And let’s not forget that manner in which the stage invader was removed…….

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    that Foals song is immense, so ssshhhhhhhh!

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    tho wee Chris did spoil it a little for me when he said it kinda rips off a Audioslave song……(i love Audioslave btw) so now when the riff kicks in all i can think of is fireworks off the top of a very tall building

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    It’s boring. I checked on my Pop Music Abacus of Boringness and it scored very, very badly indeed.

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    You just need to play it louder and drink more

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