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bagel I’ve written about bagelproject before, and with the release of this new EP my confusion remains, but my fascination is equally just as strong as before. Fuck me this music is a total mess, and sometimes it’s barely music at all, but there is something about it which I find absolutely fascinating.

Just about the only other person on the whole internet who seems to have written about Funmi Wittle’s stuff is Joe from A New Band a Day, which is reassuring because of who Joe is, but still a little depressing, because I think this deserves a bit more attention than it seems to be getting. Quite a bit more, in fact.

I agree with Joe, though, in that the difficulty with this music is that for large parts of it there is not the slightest semblance of structure at all. It’s just a messy collage of samples, drum beats, unfathomable vocals and off-mic chatter.

Some of this dissolves completely, and sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t. Mia Rambling doesn’t do it for me, for example, but the title is entirely literal, so I can’t say I wasn’t warned. This kind of stuff is most prominent on Soundcloud, where more or less every little experiment and half-idea seems to end up, pretty much in no discernible order.

On Bandcamp, however, there are a handful of EPs which, just about, sound like proper collections of (vaguely) proper songs. And you know what, somehow I think it kind of works. It is, as I have said, all over the place, but from this fug of wobbly snippets of vocal and lurching samples there does indeed emerge something which is a pleasure to listen to.

It can be self-conscious and, I suppose, a little overdone here and there, but that’s sort of the way this kind of music works – if it didn’t follow every whim and digression it would lose its charm pretty quickly, I think. On the other hand, if you just sit back and let it take you wherever it’s going, then there are loads of moments of melody and fumbling beauty to be enjoyed.

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