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femaleband Well, I think you’d be entitled to call me a fucking idiot for taking this long to finally post about Female Band.

They – well she, really – have been all over Twitter for the last year or so, and recently released a tape called Goodbye New York, Forever with the excellent (and hugely hipster-friendly) label Italian Beach Babes. The signals, in short, were there. I just ignored them.

I am not sure why, though.  It wasn’t deliberate.  I guess the internet just hints at you about dozens of bands all the time, and some you follow up and some you don’t.

For a band with a song called Ghost Song, this is appropriately ghostly stuff.  Essentially Female Band is the solo project of Anastasia Vtorova. Some solo artists who release under a band name seem to be trying to pretend away the fact that they are solo, but that’s not the case here, where the music is melancholy and minimal.

I know I am on a bit of a Yo La Tengo kick at the moment, but particularly the wobbly bass and swooning atmospherics of the aforementioned Ghost Song could easily make their home on And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out. Those elements do persist, particularly in the breathy vocal at the back of One Day the Sea Will Swallow Me, although much of the rest of the music is more in the vein of the hesitant experimentalism of Lady Lazarus, Powerdove or Animal Magic Tricks.

I don’t know how you’d assemble an album out of this stuff.  As with a lot of very quiet music, even if you keep it minimal and glacial, subtle changes in texture and arrangement become even more crucial. Mind you, I don’t even know if she particularly wants to make an album, but I certainly think music with this presence and gravitas would benefit from the more substantial statement of existence that an album would make.

And, let’s be honest, I just want to hear it really. It’s taken me this long to finally discover her music, and even after a mere handful of listens I am very much eager for more.

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