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Five For Friday – 15th February 2013


Afternoon folks, how the jolly old fuck have you been? I am sitting in the house waiting on the delivery of our next Split 12″ – the one with Plastic Animals, Magic Eye, Le Thug and Zed Penguin – and fairly twitching to get my grubby mitts on one for the first time.

We actually just put a few interesting things up for pre-order on the label website, including that very split 12″, the Sparrow and the Workshop album and a new single which is still *cough cough* a secret.

1. Meteorites Over Russia

I know this is a pretty obvious one, but holy fuck, meteorites came crashing to Earth in Russia today!  And apparently, in distinctly Bruce Willis style, the Russian government are claiming to have successfully shot some of them down with missiles! That gif at the top of the page is apparently of one of them exploding, and the Guardian have an image gallery (mostly just of the damage) which I assume they’ll be updating throughout the day, as well as a live report, and this incredible video compilation of amateur footage.  Immense!

2. Song of the Day: FurrowRites of Spring

These chaps are touring with North American War in April, and we’ll be putting on the Edinburgh leg of that tour. This is nice – shoegazey and gravelly, but I like it.

3. Centrifuge Brain Project

This reminds me just a teensy little bit of that awesome film Monsters. And it is every bit as excellent, and so wonderfully deadpan as well.

4. Awesome Posters


I don’t want to get into the habit of acting like some sort of product placement service, but these posters from Pop Chart Lab are pretty fantastic. I think I should buy my dad one of the baseball ones.


2013-02-15 13.21.20

Aren’t they fucking gorgeous! Don’t you want one! Pre-order here then, and we’ll post them out in March.


18 witty ripostes to Five For Friday – 15th February 2013

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    Secret single? I’m going to stick my neck out and guess it’s by a guy called Bob St Vaughan and he has a chair on it.

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    And that pretty red vinyl WILL be mine (probably when I get paid)

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    It’s not all that secret, if you follow the link. It’s just the first time it’s been mentioned, that’s all.

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    The Meanest Matthew Ever Known

    Is Bob St Vaughan the guy who did the album about welding?

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    Only raking Matthew! Sounds genuinely intriguing though!

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    Um, yes, that must be the chap.

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    If there weren’t so many people injured, i would say these meteorites are amazing. If it’s not the end of the world, we’re going to have a russian superman.

    Furrow sounds good

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    Yes someone with radioactive space powers is bound to emerge from a crater somewhere.

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    Speaking of pretty things arriving in the post, when I opened the new Lady Lazarus album last weekend, it appeared to be scented. And when I say appeared, a suppose I meant smelled. Can anyone else confirm that, or am I just (un)lucky/mental/synethesic?

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    Because is this not the best reaction shot ever?

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    Someone with radioactive powers might emerge from a ditch in Russia regardless of meteor activity.

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    Adamski, yes indeed it is scented. Personally I find that just a tad too twee for me, but umm… well, each to their own I suppose.

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    Haha – Ducky, that’s amazing!

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    Oh yes, and before you buy your fish this weekend, you should check this out….

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    I am not sure I entirely understand when certain fish have all the colours next to them. Does that mean that it depends on where it comes from? In which case, they don’t give much extra information.

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    Ah, click on the species of your choice and all will be revealed- it’s all about the population of origin…

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    Ah yes, got it now. Simple folk etc etc…

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