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Five For Friday – 1st February 2013

Morning all, and welcome back to the Friday Fives, where I bring you five things which have caught my attention this week, and in which you reciprocate by either adding your own wee things in the comments section, or mocking me for my buffoonish, shallow choices.  Because you would do that, wouldn’t you, being the internet and all.

Anyhow, let’s get going shall we, so we can commence with the talking of bollocks and you can distract me from the tedious accounts work I will have to spend my afternoon doing.  Blech.

1. Paperman

You won’t find me tipping my hat to Disney very often, but they recently released the charming, if slightly schmaltzy, animated short you see embedded at the top of the page. The idea was to create something which combined modern computer animation with the rather warmer nature of hand-drawn artwork. Personally I think it’s still a little too computery, but then I do love drawings more than most people.  There’s a nice wee playlist of ‘making of’ videos here too.

2. Song (and gig) of the Day: Jonnie Common & Leith Tape Club

The awesome Jonnie Common has a new single out on Red Deer Club, and it is his usual excellent work.  I’ve embedded it below, but Jonnie is also excellent live, so for those of you living locally I suggest you go down to Cruz tomorrow for the Leith Tape Club all-dayer.  You can get tickets here – the link is actually in the top-right corner of that page.

2pm Little Pebble
3pm Jonnie Common
4pm Fuzzystar
5pm special guest
6pm Gav Prentice
7pm Lomond Campbell & River of Slime
8pm The Last Battle
9pm The Oates Field
10pm Book Group

3. House For Crazy People

I have to thank Tim on Twitter for spotting this, a truly hilariously awful house in Portobello in London.  Hilariously awful, and absolutely brilliant at the same time.  It’s the kind of house which is actually a work of art.  A deranged work of art, and a glorious celebration of the very worst of taste, but a work of art nevertheless.  And one which would be instantly ruined by the presence of actual people and their things, of course. Anyway, click on the link above and have a look at the dozens of photos on the Foxton’s site, and there you will see the crowning glory of the whole carnival of comedy: Batman.  An actual fucking Batman in the hallway.  And why? Because fucking Batman, that’s why!

Picture 1

4. First New Yo La Tengo Video Since the Middle Ages

Apparently Yo La Tengo haven’t made a music video since 1862 or something like that, but they’ve decided to make one to go with the release of their new album, and both are brilliant.  Honestly, I haven’t been that keen on the last couple of Yo La Tengo albums – they’ve seemed a little flat and stodgy to me – but Fade is absolutely cracking.

5. Dictionary of Victorian Slang

Yes, seriously. An entire, fully browseable dictionary of Victorian slang can be perused here.  There is some weird, some wonderful, and some disappointingly banal stuff in there.  But more than anything else, it makes me wonder, were I to end up in a Victorian conversation, if I would understand a single fucking thing any of them said.

23 witty ripostes to Five For Friday – 1st February 2013

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    The Batman in the hall is almost enough to make me overlook how awful that house is. Almost.

  2. avatar

    Awful. And yet glorious.

    And with added Batman!

  3. avatar

    I think my main problem with it is the floors. It’s all pretty hideous, but the floors seem particularly uninviting.

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    i are scientist

    Loving the Victorian Slang site!

    not much else to report this week as I’ve not quite had all my buttons on..

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    i are scientist

    That house has got a slide!!!

    It really is like that time the fives were “what would you have on your fantasy billionaire yacht.” But for real. In house form.

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    Tim, the floors would secretly hate you just for being in the house and partially obscuring their magnificence.

    Scientist – yes, except none of us had the imagination to put Batman on our billionaire yacht. I feel somewhat let down by my own imagination now.

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    I normally want to hate whenever Disney or Pixar get nominated for animated shorts because they tend to ALWAYS win, but this one totally tugs at my heart strings. Also, hand-drawn animation!

    So, here’s a link to the 2008 best animated short Oscar Winner, Peter and the Wolf:

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    That’s awesome – embedded below…

  9. avatar

    I that’s why I love the Sylvain Chomet stuff – the drawings are just so beautiful, the story could be more or less anything!

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    I remember reading somewhere about a guy who owned a full Star Wars Stormtrooper costume, and had it mounted standing on a plinth like a suit of armour, but then kept it in his attic.

    I remember thinking “Attic? If I had one of those it would be in the middle of the fucking living room!”

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    I promise I am as outraged as you. That’s shocking behaviour!

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    Oh, and here’s a couple of cool things.

    This is a guided tour of the international space station by the outgoing commander.

    And here’s a brilliant new track from Woodpigeon, which is not only called Edinburgh, also features a few familiar faces doing actual acting. Impressive!

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    I kinda like the white and red fake wood floor, and maybe the blue one…but the yellow one is what I imagine would happen if you exposed late 60’s linoleum to radiation and it produced a mutant super villan floor.

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    The yellow one is what sunglasses were invented for.

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    That space station thingy is fucking amazing.

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    I agree. It always pissed me off how people would refer to the previous space station as just a “mere space station”. It’s a pretty impressive piece of engineering!

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    Best thing to ever come out of a dictionary:

    Yo La Tengo always reminded me of Lloyd Cole. I know that wrong but they do.

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    Actually, Strath introduced me to Yo La Tengo on the basis that if I liked Lloyd Cole he thought I would probably like them.

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    Come on. That was a good joke. Can I not even get a ‘fuck off’ please Matthew?

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    That paperman video makes me think of how the recording industry is now trying to replicate the past / tape (something that it spent 20 years successfully rendering virtually obsolete) with hellishly expensive devices like this:

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    Peej – you know I didn’t even get it until Mrs. Toad pointed it out to me just now. I am shamed.

    Richard – in a sense, maybe, but in animation the drawings are the actual art, not just an outdated way of capturing it, as is the way with tapes.

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    I enjoyed watching this on my break at work – it’s nice to relax for that whole ten minutes; away from all the paperwork & phone calls.

    I put my earphones in and, my phone being on shuffle, On and On came on by Fossil Collective. This song fit so perfectly with ‘Paperman’. It’s more anime than Disney, which is probably why I liked it so much.

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    Also if you haven’t already seen these, you really should watch them. I think you’d enjoy them. Especially ‘Let it Go’ – I love Fossil Collective’s art.

    Three of my favourite animations of 2013.

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